PAPA (파파)

Producer:  Han Ji-Seung

Distributor: Lotte Entertainment

Theater Release Date:  2/02/2012  (South Korea)

Movie synopsis from HanCinema:

The storyline is about a manager who pushes a young female talent to enter a reality TV show contest in the U.S. Some background information involves the manager having to get married to attain a legal visa and ends up having to raise six children when his wife dies.

Synopsis from Asian Media Wiki:

Choon-Sub is a talent manager. When his client run aways with another manager to America, Choon-Sub goes to America himself. In America, Choon-Sub agrees to a contract marriage and through the staged marriage now has six children. Choon-Sub then discovers that the eldest daughter Joon is an excellant singer. With Choon-Sub’s encouragement, Joon takes part in an audition program and Choon-Sub attempts to mold Joon into a star …

Daniel’s role in the movie is the music producer who discovers Joon.

English subbed preview trailer posted by KoreanMovieDB:


Arirang: Press Conference of movie “Papa” [Showbiz Korea]


Videos from Han Cinema:


Here’s a vid of Go Ara rehearsing with Mike Peele (@MikePeele) – the talented choreographer.

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