Fugitive Plan B

(Show summary from DramaFever, but corrected to reflect the true storyline)

RUNAWAY: PLAN B starring Rain, Lee Na Young, Daniel Henney, Lee Jung Jin


Superstar Rain and well-known film actress Lee Na Young (of cult classic Ireland) return to dramas after five-to-six year hiatuses for this swashbuckling action drama. From the writer-director pair behind the year’s earlier smash hit Chuno, this high-budget romantic comedy was filmed all across Asia, with locations including Tokyo, Shanghai, Macau, the Philippines and Hong Kong. The star-studded cast includes Lee Jung-jin of 9 End 2 Outs and Daniel Henney of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and My Lovely Sam Soon. Well-known Japanese singer Uehara Takako and Japanese actor Takenaka Naoto contribute to the drama’s international flair. An almost instant hit, Runaway: Plan B is a high-profile, stylish, unique action romance.

During the outbreak of the Korean War, a vast amount of money (mostly in the form of gold bars) disappeared. Sixty years later, clues revealing the location of the gold has resurfaced, sparking an international frenzy as fortune hunters, detectives, private operatives, and policemen go on the hunt for it, jockeying with each other to find and secure it first. Among those with a stake in it are Jini (Lee Na Young), a woman whose entire family has befallen mysterious deaths and lives in constant fear that she is next, and Ji-woo (Rain), a private investigator with his own motives. Jini approaches Ji-woo under false pretenses, planning to use his greed to discover the true identity of the mastermind behind her family’s misfortune. As the two tread an international trail in their search for the gold bars, an attraction springs up between them. But can this relationship survive in the face of their constant deception of each other?  Kai (Daniel Henney), a wealthy shipping magnate, is Jini’s boyfriend who finds out the identity of the mysterious mastermind and does what he can to secure Jini’s safety from “Melchidec”, while trying to protect his relationship with Jini from Ji-woo’s antics.  Things are further complicated by Do Soo (Lee Jung Jin), a talented straight-laced investigator/police officer who is in pursuit Ji-woo for the murder investigation of Ji-woo’s friend, Kevin.

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