About Us

Hi there!  How are you?  Are you a Daniel Henney fan, too?  Oh my gosh…

One my most favorite scenes & lines from Step Brothers…

Well, WELCOME!  We’re so glad you found us…

Hermosa USA (HUSA) is the OFFICIAL USA FAN BLOG for the Korean-American actor, Daniel Henney.  No copyright infringement is intended and all images/videos/articles belong to their cited or linked sources.

The original vision for this fan site (HUSA) was for it to be a comprehensive one- a place where Daniel Henney fans can find some of the latest news, updates, videos and links from the internet, Daniel’s Facebook & Twitter, along with news from Hermosa International to enhance their fan experience. We hope you enjoy & share our vision. Be sure to subscribe to this blog, “like” our Facebook page or follow us on twitter or FOLLOW this blog to be notified whenever something new is posted.

And, finally, even though the site title says Hermosa “USA” please know that EVERYONE is welcome! Daniel has some of the most wonderful, kind, creative and awesome fans WORLDWIDE! You are ALL welcome here and we are thrilled you came to visit!

-Hermosa USA Admin

Contact Hermosa USA admin:


Facebook: facebook.com/HermosaUSA

Twitter: @Hermosa_USA


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