Spring Waltz

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Spring Waltz starring Seo Do Young, Han Hyo Joo, Lee So Yeon and Daniel Henney


From revered director Yoon Suk Ho comes the last of the famed Four Seasons dramas (Winter Sonata, Autumn Fairy Tale, and Summer Scent) that helped start the Korean Wave. Filmed in stunning locations around the world, including picturesque, snowy Salzburg in Austra, Spring Waltz is an atmospheric and lovely romance mostly set to classical music. The story of two people who fall in love in childhood and are reunited years later, it stars Seo Do Young (Emperor of the Sea, Friend, Our Legend) and Han Hyo Joo (Shining Inheritance) in the first major role of her career. Lee So Yeon (Temptation of an Angel) and Daniel Henney (Kim Sam-Soon) co-star.

Lee Sun Ho (played by Seo Do Young) grows up the son of a shiftless gambler. His father, on the run from the latest set of debt collectors, takes him to visit an old friend who lives on a small island. He then flees, abandoning his son and taking all the money the family had saved up to pay for their daughter’s surgery. Su Ho tries to run away, but is persuaded to stay by the kind-hearted daughter of the family, Eun Young (Han Hyo Joo). She and Sun Ho are the same age and quickly develop a deep bond. When Eun Young collapses while helping Sun Ho find his father, however, Sun Ho runs away, believing that she is dead and that it’s his fault. Adopted by a wealthy family, he takes on a new name.

Fifteen years later, he has become a renowned pianist as cold as he is brilliant. While giving a concert in Austria, he crosses paths with warm, lovely Eun Young (Han Hyo Joo), a Korean girl who dreams of becoming a designer. Certain that she cannot be the girl he remembers, he is nevertheless drawn to her. His manager and close friend, Philip (Daniel Henney) also falls for her however, and pursues her unaware of his friend’s interest. Eun Young and Sun Ho, faced with geographical distances, secrets, and new identities, begin to slowly fall in love while unaware of each other’s identity, but will it be too late? Can the childhood sweethearts regain that springtime on the island together?

One response to “Spring Waltz

  1. That drama is just a part of my memory, really unforgettable. Loved it & still do, Daniel was so great & sweet ^^

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