[1st Look – Vol. 71] HENNEY,on location – Interview

Yay! Thanks so much The Sunny Town! We now know what was written in this interview from 1st Look, Vol. 71 – July 2014

The Sunny Town

1st Look - Daniel Henney (2)

You worked quite seldomly in Korea after the release of the movie “Spy”, so I’m curious about many things. What have you been doing all this time?

The audition season started in the States after “Spy” was released, so I took several auditions. In the end, I got a role for the show “Agatha” produced by ABC Studio and I also shot the 5th season of CBS “NCIS” and “Revolution” season 2. And then I finished filming a movie that is about to premiere worldwide, and I also read Korean movie scenarios meanwhile. Ah, there was also the launch of a line of watches under my name in Korea. I visited my parents and I spent a nice time with my family. I was quite busy? Did you think I was just out there doing nothing and having fun? (laugh)

I see. You were busy like that, but it’s sad…

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