This is the kdrama that made Mr. Daniel Henney a Korean household name.  ^_^

(Show summary from, modified to reflect Daniel’s role)

My Lovely Sam Soon starring Kim Sun Ah, Hyun Bin, Jung Ryeo Won and Daniel Henney


Brisk, endearing, and completely addicting, My Lovely Sam-Soon, also known as My Name is Kim Sam-Soon, was the runaway mega-hit of 2005, and launched Kim Sun Ah to super-stardom for her role as klutzy, passionate, endearingly stubborn almost-30 Kim Sam-Soon. Korea’s version of Bridget Jones’ Diary, this refreshing drama about the struggles of a modern day woman clearly struck a chord with Korean audiences, and brought male lead Hyun Bin also to immense fame and popularity, while pulling in ratings over 30% from the fourth episode on, peaking in a mind-boggling 50.5% for the finale.

At 29, Kim Sam-Soon’s career and love life has hit a dead end. She is overweight, unmarried, saddled with an embarrassingly old-fashioned name, and has just lost her job. On Christmas Eve, she catches her boyfriend of three years cheating on her, and promptly breaks up with him. Something has got to give. Enter Hyun Jin-Heon (Hyun Bin), the arrogant 27-year old owner of a restaurant called Bon Appetit, who hires her to put her French-pastry-chef skills to work as the restaurant’s chief baker. Stubborn and opinionated, the two individuals rapidly go head to head, fighting over cooking styles and almost everything else under the sun, but in the midst of all the arguments and ingredients flying around, something warmer starts simmering.

When Jin-Heon gets pressured by his family to get married and Sam-Soon needs 50 million won to redeem her mother’s house from debt, Jin-Heon decides to hire her to act as his girlfriend, and the two sign a dating contract. Things get complicated however when Jin-Heon’s ex-girlfriend, Hee Jin (Jung Ryu Won), returns from the U.S. with her sights set on getting him back, but Henry (Daniel Henney) Hee Jin’s doctor from the US visits Korea because he is pursuing Hee Jin; not to mention, Sam-Soon’s ex-boyfriend appears in her life again and is engaged to one of Sam-Soon’s childhood friends. 

Also known as My Name is Kim Sam-Soon or My Lovely Sam-Soon. Visit our friends at Drama Wiki and Hancinema for additional information about this drama.

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