[FAN FUN FINALE] Share an Instavid Re-Enactment of Your Favorite Scene/Line from Tonight’s BEYOND BORDERS Premiere!

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Credit: @CM_SetReport on Twitter

Credit: @CM_SetReport on Twitter

Okay, so we started the FAN FUN on Instagram, we’re moving over to Twitter and FB for tonight’s VIEWING PARTY…and we’ll come full circle by having fans post an video on Instagram re-enacting their favorite scene or line from tonight’s episode.  So, who’s ready to have fun for a shot at a Team Henney I ❤ DH t-shirt?


Here’s what you gotta do:

  • Post a video on Instagram re-enacting your favorite scene/line of tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds Beyond Borders – get creative & have fun!
  • Use the following hashtags: #DH0408 #DanielHenney #CriminalMinds #BeyondBorders #TeamHenney
  • DEADLINE: 12pm PST Tuesday, April 14
  • Winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 15th

We’ll be looking forward to your Instavids, Team Henney!

[Admin Note: My apologies! I forgot to include that the Instavid is a quick re-enactment of your favorite scene/line of tonight’s episode.  ~Admin Mar]

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