[1st Look – Vol. 52] INTERNATIONAL HENNEY – Interview

Translated interview from 1st Look Vol. 52 (September 2013) ~ Thank you, Sunny Town! ♥

The Sunny Town

1st Look - Daniel Henney

So it was in September 2013

I feel like your Korean improved since last time.

No. When I’m in the US, I speak Korean only with Mango (his Golden Retriever). Mango is a Korean dog, so he doesn’t really understand English. (laugh) When I say “Mango, sit!”, he doesn’t know what it means and looks at me blankly, but when I say “Mango, sit!” in Korean, he listens. Isn’t it [=the impression that his Korean improved] because I’m comfortable enough to speak? In the past, I could hold a discussion in Korean and I didn’t feel that uncomfortable, but I didn’t speak often because there was a pressure of speaking perfectly when I was doing an interview or if I had to speak at an official event. However, it may look like I have improved because I’m comfortable now.

How was being on a Korean set after such a long…

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