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[FAN FUN FINALE] Share an Instavid Re-Enactment of Your Favorite Scene/Line from Tonight’s BEYOND BORDERS Premiere!

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Credit: @CM_SetReport on Twitter

Credit: @CM_SetReport on Twitter

Okay, so we started the FAN FUN on Instagram, we’re moving over to Twitter and FB for tonight’s VIEWING PARTY…and we’ll come full circle by having fans post an video on Instagram re-enacting their favorite scene or line from tonight’s episode.  So, who’s ready to have fun for a shot at a Team Henney I ❤ DH t-shirt?


Here’s what you gotta do:

  • Post a video on Instagram re-enacting your favorite scene/line of tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds Beyond Borders – get creative & have fun!
  • Use the following hashtags: #DH0408 #DanielHenney #CriminalMinds #BeyondBorders #TeamHenney
  • DEADLINE: 12pm PST Tuesday, April 14
  • Winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 15th

We’ll be looking forward to your Instavids, Team Henney!

[Admin Note: My apologies! I forgot to include that the Instavid is a quick re-enactment of your favorite scene/line of tonight’s episode.  ~Admin Mar]

[NEWS] Mission Accomplished: Daniel Henney Reaches 100K on Twitter!



Thank you to all the Hermosas/Team Henney fans who pushed until he reached this milestone we’ve been chasing.  We’d especially like to thank Jenn (@ProudEchelon), Cita (@Mamiti1) and Elly (@smeLLyphant37) for their ardent support of the #DH100K campaign!  You ladies are amazing!

@KOREATOWN deserves HUGE THANKS for their support – Those last tweets on Team Henney’s behalf really helped get Daniel to 100K! It’s just another reason why Koreatown LA will always have pieces of my heart – my love for my other hood runs deep!

Dee (@dh_online) and Hianty (@hiantymulyadi) also deserve thanks for consistently reaching out to individual fans and encouraging them to follow Daniel’s official twitter account!  You ladies are also amazing!

It was a lot of fun counting down until Daniel reached 100K the FIRST time.  Team Henney Hermosas from ALL over the world united by a common goal for Daniel Henney!  Here are a few pictures of screenshots for when 100K was reached…THANKS AGAIN, TEAM HENNEY!  YOU ALL ROCK!  Now we just wait for Daniel’s “Thank You” video 🙂

[DH FAN FUN] Do you think Daniel Henney is SEXY? VOTE NOW!

Photo source: Daniel Henney Facebook

Photo source: Daniel Henney Facebook

Hey Hermosas,

Just a little bit of fan fun…Our Team Henney fan, Jennifer, found the site The Top Tens and put Daniel Henney on the list for Top 10 Sexiest Men in the World.   We are so proud of the extremely quick rise through the ranks that Daniel has experienced, but we still need your votes & support to get Daniel to the TOP!

You can vote once a day and on more than one device ;).  Let’s do this Team Henney!  Here are some pics to help inspire your vote…

[GIVEAWAYS] Watch SHANGHAI CALLING & You Can WIN a Team Henney Swag Bag



Happy Friday, Hermosas!

Shanghai Calling is now playing in NYC and Los Angeles!  The movie is also available NATIONWIDE via On Demand / Digital Download.  To celebrate, Hermosa USA, Daniel Henney Online and Hermosa International are giving away some Team Henney Swag Bags!

Shanghai Calling Team Henney Swag Bag

Bag with photos from the movie, I [heart] DH shirt, I’m Awesome Wang t-shirt, promotional postcards (so you can share the movie info with your friends!), magnets, Team Henney bracelets & Snapshot cookies “Instagrahams” from Baking for Good!

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Winners for the 50 Push-ups to Daniel Henney’s Heart Contest



Thanks to the ladies who were brave & strong for participating in the 50 Push-ups to Daniel Henney’s Heart Video Project & Contest!

Our winners are:

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 9.00.46 PM

Denene & Furry Friends with 20 push-ups (WOHOO!)


Adelene & Oppa with 15 push-ups!

Adelene & Oppa with 15 push-ups!


Jennifer with 10 push-ups!

Jennifer with 10 push-ups!




 You’ve each won an I  DH t-shirt and an autographed magazine!


Please email Dee with your shirt size and we’ll get your prizes out to you as soon as we can!

[VIDEOS] Happy Valentine’s Day, Daniel Henney & Martin Chung ~ LOVE, Team Henney/Team Hermosa

Good morning, Hermosas!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you & yours!  Team Henney/Team Hermosa did a couple of video projects…one for Daniel and one for Martin (Awesome Chung).   We hope you all enjoy!

50 Push-ups to Daniel’s Heart from Team Henney on Vimeo.



[DH FAN FUN] Valentine Video Project: 50 Push-ups to Daniel Henney’s Heart


Hey Team Henney!

You’ve all seen how touched Daniel was by our “Call Me Henney” birthday video when he tweeted his 1000th tweet just recently on Twitter. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, how about we tickle his heart one more time! If you caught the “Bloopers” part at the end of the “Call Me Henney” vid, you would’ve seen my embarrassing attempt to do 50 push-ups to try to get Daniel to tweet Team Henney. ENTER SUPER DH FAN JENN with her bright idea for our next video project and contest!

Here’s the deal, the goal is to reach 50 push-ups TOGETHER! Isn’t that what Team Henney is all about…working together as a team! Hopefully this will find its way to Daniel’s heart again.

If you’d like to participate in our “50 Push-ups to Daniel’s Heart” Valentine’s Day video project, all you have to do is record yourself doing push-ups! You DO NOT have to do 50 push-ups on your own (heck, I can only do 1 and a half). Just do as many as you possibly can.

By submitting your video, you are automatically entered in our Valentine’s Day contest. The person who does the most push-ups is…you guessed it…the winner! We will be selecting from the top 3, so go out there and start working those arms! Get it? Got it? Good!

All videos must be submitted by email to vntage.soul@gmail.com no later than February 1, 2013. Please state “50 Push-ups to Daniel’s Heart” in the subject line of your email.

If there are any problems working with your video, I will contact you by email as soon as possible. Looking forward to your participation! Most importantly, just have FUN! 🙂

-reposted from Dee’s post on DHC | Hermosa International

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[TWITTER] Daniel Henney’s Tweet About “Call Me Henney”

Hello Hermosas!

Daniel just tweeted & retweeted about Team Henney’s birthday gift to him! Check it out!  Best part:  “Preparing a thank u video!”  YAY!  ^_^



Call Me Henney

Call Me Henney on Vimeo (If you’re trying to view from a mobile device)

[TWITTER] Pictures from Oct 12th Screening of SHANGHAI CALLING at HIFF

20121012-230201.jpgPhoto source: @HIFF

Hello Hermosas,

I’m posting this from my phone, so please forgive me if it the formatting is off ^_^.

Just wanted to share some pics from today’s screening of Shanghai Calling at HIFF. Another SOLD OUT screening, by the way! Congratulations, Shanghai Calling Team!

20121012-230554.jpgPhoto source: @HIFF

20121012-230840.jpgPhoto source: @nonstophonolulu

20121012-231753.jpgPhoto source: @shanghailicious
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[TEAM HENNEY] Another Fun Monthly Team Henney Meeting – Disney Style!

Hello there, Hermosas!

I know it’s Tuesday, but did you have a great weekend?  Well, the SoCal girls had another fun monthly Team Henney meeting…this time at Disney!  Take a look at the pics they shared!  So cute ^_^

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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