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[PICS] W.ANGLE Shared BTS Pics of Daniel Henney on Instagram

Can hardly wait to see the new pics from W.ANGLE!  If we’re lucky, maybe a CF or making video ^_^.  Forgive the delay in getting these out to you.  Found them early this morning and ended up falling asleep with my phone on my face before I had a chance to upload them…Hahaha!  Be sure to follow W.ANGLE on Instagram!

[VIDEOS] Check out Daniel Henney for W.ANGLE – New CFs!


Wohoo!  Happy Tuesday, Hermosas!  W.ANGLE just released their TV CFs…enjoy!

[PICS] New Pictures of Daniel Henney for Golf Apparel Brand W.ANGLE

Hermosa Korea & Daniel Henney just shared pictures on Facebook from the recent W.ANGLE photoshoot.  Enjoy, Hermosas!  Can’t wait to see the CFs…remember this tweet, Hermosas?



Let’s wait for them!  ABLE’s new CF with Ms. Claudia (Kim Soo Hyun) should be out soon, too.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Hermosas!

[NEWS] Daniel Henney for Korean Golf Apparel Brand W.ANGLE

W.ANGLE homepage


Daniel Henney is now the face for the golf apparel brand W.ANGLE [Widen Your Angle] and will be with the brand for at least two years. Daniel’s awesome physique & charisma lends itself well to the cut & style of the brand.  W.ANGLE offers three core lines/collections, each with a distinct purpose (pictured above).

  • Green:  High Performance Golf Wear
  • Orange: Scandinavia Lifestyle Wear
  • Black: Premium Casual Wear

As we can all see, Daniel looks great in all three lines. We look forward to more print ads, CFs (commercial films), magazine pictorials, along with some fan meetings for the brand.  Congratulations, Daniel and W.ANGLE!  This will be a good partnership!

W.ANGLEBlackLine W.ANGLEOrangeLine W.ANGLEGreenLine