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[VIDEO] Daniel Henney “Thank You” Video Message for Big Hero Reaching 3 Million Viewers in Korea




[FACEBOOK] Daniel Henney & Team Share Pics of Cake Celebrating Big Hero 6 Release in Korea

Oh happy day!  Big Hero 6 will hit theaters in South Korea today!  Congratulations, Daniel, Team Big Hero 6 and Walt Disney Animation Korea!  Such a cute cake! ^^

오늘 빅히어로 개봉!!!
에르모사 고마워요.
개봉기념하여 빅히어로 감독님과 PD님 그리고 김상진 디자이너의 케잌 세레모니.

Big Hero released today!

Thanks, Hermosas!

(Not quite sure about that last sentence.  All I can understand is Big Hero, Supervisor and PD-nim and Kim Sang Jin designer’s cake ceremony.)

Best guess: In commemoration of Big Hero 6 release, supervisor & PD-nim (producer) and Kim Sang Jin (designer) cake ceremony.