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[PICS] W.ANGLE Shared BTS Pics of Daniel Henney on Instagram

Can hardly wait to see the new pics from W.ANGLE!  If we’re lucky, maybe a CF or making video ^_^.  Forgive the delay in getting these out to you.  Found them early this morning and ended up falling asleep with my phone on my face before I had a chance to upload them…Hahaha!  Be sure to follow W.ANGLE on Instagram!

[PICS] Daniel Henney for PESPOW SS15

Thanks to Couch Kimchi for finding and sharing these great pictures, but first a BONUS: BTS video from the recent PESPOW photoshoot!





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[VIDEO] Daniel Henney “Thank You” Video Message for Big Hero Reaching 3 Million Viewers in Korea




[NEWS] Deadline.com: “Daniel Henney Cast in ‘Criminal Minds’ Spinoff”

ICYMI the news earlier on Twitter, Team Henney…Daniel has been cast in an upcoming “Criminal Minds” spinoff!  Here’s an excerpt of the article:



Daniel Henney (Wolverine, NBC’s Revolution) has joined the cast of  CBS Criminal Minds planted spinoff which will air as an episode of the mothership series this season.

The proposed spinoff follows FBI agents helping American citizens who find themselves in trouble abroad, with Gary Sinise playing their boss, Jack Garrett. Henney will play charming family man Matt Simmons, an army brat who grew up abroad and really embraces the opportunity to explore different cultures. But first and foremost, he is the kind of guy you would follow into battle, and his split second profiling skills honed on the battlefield make him a crucial part of the team.

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So, stay tuned, Team Henney!  Looking forward to this great opportunity for Daniel!  We are all so very proud of you, DH!  다니엘 헤니 화이팅!

[VIDEO] ScreenSlam Interview with Ryan Potter & Daniel Henney for Big Hero 6


Thanks to @sublymeparalytic for finding and sharing the video! ^_^  Great interview with Ryan & Daniel about when they heard the news of the nominations and what it was like to work on this project.  Big Hero 6.2, anyone?

Big Hero 6 available on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere.  DVD & Blu-Ray out on 2/24!  Pre-order your copy here.