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[20150121] Daniel Henney taking on the dubbing challenge… “I’m a Korean actor”

How awesome is this? Just FYI…the Korean version of Big Hero is available on Can’t wait to her Daniel as Teddy, speaking Korean, in Big Hero!

The Sunny Town

"BIG HERO 6" Pictured (L-R): Tadashi, Baymax. ©2014 Disney. All Rights Reserved. “BIG HERO 6” Pictured (L-R): Tadashi, Baymax. ©2014 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Ten years after his meteoric rise starting with “My Lovely Kim Sang Soon” (2005, Daniel Henney is now a star. He starred in dramas such as “Spring Waltz”, “Fugitive Plan B” and movies like “Seducing Mr. Perfect”. After working overseas in the US, in China, he was also in the movie “Spy” released in 2013. This time, he takes on a new challenge for him : voice dubbing. He lent his voice to the brother of “Hiro”, the lead character of Disney animation movie “Big Hero 6”, as well as the robot doctor “Teddy”.

◆ First dubbing work, detailed expression complicated to create

– How was your audition for “Big Hero 6”?

▲ The audition lasted 2 hours. It was really hard because animation movies don’t have a scenario, the script just keeps going. They asked me to…

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[1st Look – Vol. 71] HENNEY,on location – Interview

Yay! Thanks so much The Sunny Town! We now know what was written in this interview from 1st Look, Vol. 71 – July 2014

The Sunny Town

1st Look - Daniel Henney (2)

You worked quite seldomly in Korea after the release of the movie “Spy”, so I’m curious about many things. What have you been doing all this time?

The audition season started in the States after “Spy” was released, so I took several auditions. In the end, I got a role for the show “Agatha” produced by ABC Studio and I also shot the 5th season of CBS “NCIS” and “Revolution” season 2. And then I finished filming a movie that is about to premiere worldwide, and I also read Korean movie scenarios meanwhile. Ah, there was also the launch of a line of watches under my name in Korea. I visited my parents and I spent a nice time with my family. I was quite busy? Did you think I was just out there doing nothing and having fun? (laugh)

I see. You were busy like that, but it’s sad…

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[1st Look – Vol. 52] INTERNATIONAL HENNEY – Interview

Translated interview from 1st Look Vol. 52 (September 2013) ~ Thank you, Sunny Town! ♥

The Sunny Town

1st Look - Daniel Henney

So it was in September 2013

I feel like your Korean improved since last time.

No. When I’m in the US, I speak Korean only with Mango (his Golden Retriever). Mango is a Korean dog, so he doesn’t really understand English. (laugh) When I say “Mango, sit!”, he doesn’t know what it means and looks at me blankly, but when I say “Mango, sit!” in Korean, he listens. Isn’t it [=the impression that his Korean improved] because I’m comfortable enough to speak? In the past, I could hold a discussion in Korean and I didn’t feel that uncomfortable, but I didn’t speak often because there was a pressure of speaking perfectly when I was doing an interview or if I had to speak at an official event. However, it may look like I have improved because I’m comfortable now.

How was being on a Korean set after such a long…

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Daniel Henney – Sexy Boy (Air) 다니엘 필립 헤니

Check it out, Hermosas! Another awesome video by Tintorera (@mekkysi).


Daniel Phillip Henney is a…

“C’est l’homme idèal charme au masculin / Sexy Boy Sexy Boy”

Clips from ELLE Korea (Biotherm ‘Still Life’), Celebrity Magazine (It’s been a weird day), Harper’s Bazaar (Ermenegildo Zegna), Hyundai Securities (Able Asset Card), and PRAUD (I-Centric)

Music: Air – Sexy Boy (Moon Safari)

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[NEWS] Daniel Henney as Tadashi Hamada in Disney’s BIG HERO 6



Good morning, Team Henney!

Daniel made his cool announcement on twitter this morning!  If you missed it, Daniel’s the voice of Tadashi Hamada in Disney’s new animated film, BIG HERO 6, coming to US theaters November 7th!  Congratulations, Daniel!  Team Henney Hermosas couldn’t be more proud of you!



Below is the first glimpse of Tadashi (lower left corner) courtesy of @BigHero6Fans



And for your viewing pleasure…here’s the official US trailer!


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‘Without liberty life is a misery’ (Daniel Henney, Esquire June 2014)

Here are two more pics from the Esquire Korea June 2014 issue! Thanks again, Tintorera!




Click to enlarge:


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Daniel Henney as Paul Angelo on NCIS: L.A. “Three Hearts” (Seven Devils) MV

Love it!


NCIS: Los Angeles, Season 5, Episode 21: Three Hearts

starring Daniel Henney as NCIS Special Agent Paul Angelo, Emily Baldoni as Olivia Brunson, Daniela Ruah as Kensi Blye, Eric Christian Olsen as Marty Deeks, Miguel Ferrer as Owen Grainger, and Linda Hunt as Henrietta ‘Hetty’ Lange

The team is forced to interrogate one of their own when he is suspected of working with a drug smuggler. (IMDB)

Alternative link for mobile devices:

Music: Florence + The Machine – Seven Devils (Official Instrumental)

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Daniel Henney on NCIS: Los Angeles, ep. 5.21 “Three Hearts”


Here are some screenshots taken from the Promo Trailer


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Daniel Henney: One Night Surprise (More Screencaps)

Team Henney…enjoy these screencaps! Thanks again, Tintorera! ♥

Daniel Henney in 파파 PAPA – “He’s a Dream” (Shandi)

Thanks for this great video & letting us reblog it, Tintorera! ♥


Scenes from the South Korean movie “PAPA” (2012) starring Go Ara, Park Yong-Woo, and Daniel Henney as a music producer.

Music: Shandi – He’s a Dream (Flashdance OST)

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