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[PICS] Daniel Henney for PESPOW SS15

Thanks to Couch Kimchi for finding and sharing these great pictures, but first a BONUS: BTS video from the recent PESPOW photoshoot!





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[PICS] Daniel Henney x PESPOW + Miss Mango in December 2014 issue of GQ Korea


Many thanks to Audrey L. for sharing the link from Couch Kimchi with us! [Source]

[PICS] Daniel Henney Covers 1st Look’s Vol. 71, July 2014


Guess who’s on the cover of 1st Look’s July issue?  If you said, “Daniel Henney!”…YOU’RE RIGHT!  Check out these awesome pics from the shoot, “Henney, On Location”.  Do you see what they did there, Hermosas?  Pretty clever, eh? ^_~… So, we might see BTS pic/clips of this photoshoot on the show, “Location”.  Which is your favorite picture, Team Henney?

Download the free app and get your own copy of this issue ($1.99), Hermosas!

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 9.05.40 PM

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Thank you to Couch Kimchi for the great post and Audrey Lemarchand for sharing the link with us!

[PICS] More Photos from Esquire Korea June 2014 with Daniel Henney

Hello and Happy Thursday, Team Henney Hermosas!

Hermosa China was able to find & share more pics from Daniel’s latest photoshoot with Esquire Korea for the June 2014 issue.  Which one is your favorite, Hermosas?  I’m a sucker for blue…LOL

ICYMI:  Here’s Daniel’s own BTS video from the helicopter.

[PICS] Daniel Henney’s June 2014 Esquire Korea Pictorial

(Photo credit: Esquire Korea FB)

(Photo credit: Esquire Korea FB)


Happy Wednesday, Hermosas!

Look at what Esquire Korea shared on their Facebook page…two great pics of Daniel’s pictorial for their June issue!  Hamilton Watches couldn’t ask for a better model…in our humble (and slightly biased) opinion.  ^_~  Stay tuned…We’ll be sure to share if more pictures are released!  Enjoy…

(Photo credit: Esquire Korea FB)

(Photo credit: Esquire Korea FB)


[MAGAZINE] Daniel Henney’s Sizzling Summer Charm on the Cover of Esquire Korea


Happy Sunday, Hermosas!

ICYMI on Friday, Daniel Henney is on the cover of Esquire Korea’s June 2014 issue!  Daniel looks ready to bring on the summer sizzle, doesn’t he?

Big thank you to @MilanParisMFW for sharing the great pic!  Stay tuned for pictures from the spread!

[MAGAZINE] More Pics of Daniel Henney in AUGUSTMAN’S April 2014 Issue


Hello & Happy Friday, Hermosas!

Thanks to Milan/Paris MFW for sharing this post on Senatus with more great pics of Daniel Henney in the April issue of AUGUSTMAN magazine!  It’s a great article with Daniel’s reflections on his decade long progression in the industry and his thoughts on Asians in Hollywood. Order your copy today by emailing AUGUSTMAN directly.

[MAGAZINE] Daniel Henney Graces August Man’s April 2014 Cover


Hello Hello, Hermosas!

Guess who’s on the cover of August Man again?  If you said “Daniel Henney” you guessed right! Thanks so much to Milan/Paris MFW on Twitter for giving us the head’s up!  Be sure to visit August Man Magazine on Facebook and give their page a like.

To order a copy, please email August Man your full mailing address and allow AUGUST MAN 3-5 working days to advise postage charges and delivery time.

[PIC] ICYMI: Daniel Henney at a Recent Photoshoot



Happy Sunday, Team Henney!

ICYMI:  Our fabulous admin, Dee, recently found this pic on Instagram (Thank you, Dee ^^)!  Another Daniel Henney magazine photoshoot to look forward to…Thanks to suziekmakeup for sharing!  Loving the new haircut…what do you like, Hermosas…arms, sweater, smile? ^_~.

[PICS] Couch Kimchi Shares More Pics of Daniel Henney & Kim SooHyun in Feb 2014 ELLE Korea


Thanks again to Couch Kimchi for sharing these great pics from ELLE Korea’s February 2014 issue featuring Daniel Henney & Kim SooHyun!