[PICS] Daniel Henney & Clara for PESPOW F/W 2014

Happy early Friday for some and definitely a HAPPY FRIDAY for others!  Daniel showing his style, sophistication and smoldering good looks in this photoshoot with Clara for PESPOW!  This is how one does Korean winter in style…wouldn’t you agree, Hermosas?


Below is the GT (Google Translate) translation of the accompanying article:



Daniel Henney and Clara Italian premium casual pace was chosen as a model of Poe (PESPOW). stylish, trendy Italian festival is featuring Poe casual, as FW model 2014 global celebrities chosen to model Daniel Henney and Clara, the topic is The. Complete with a manor introduced exotic looks and gentle charm of the premium to the pace of Daniel Henney is Mr. Poe Poe in Fes, innocent and sexy Clara mix match the image was represented stylish mix and match style model with a concept of pace Poe.

Daniel Henney and Clara shot ads represented luxury brand image of Poe as a gentle pace and refined manners, pose in the scene, and has demonstrated a pro-down aspect. Led to a lively atmosphere in perfect harmony filming this lovely cute charm of Clara and Daniel Henney Gentle chic.

Compared to previous years is expected to be more cold this winter, suggesting that Clara and Daniel Henney for smart customer styling and warmth, and fashion showcase the practical and stylish at the same time seeking to balance the mix match styling.

The main item is a premium casual pace Poe is showcasing padded jacket. This includes, but is not limited to one style that is refined to produce a fashionable place in a variety of situations and design is remarkable. Eoruk such as camping, outdoor activities, Outdoor Classic , and soot are introducing a differentiated premium daily look chic and luxury style, always with padding, such as costumes and drain a break.

Poe is a global festival, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Helmut Lang, Roberto Cavalli luxury brand has become a hot topic of participation by creative director is not glass. Poe pace cone is to create a global luxury brand such as Mont Clair, Burberry, Ralph Lauren was born in Italy fetch sludge by the strategic alliance of the SPA and 24th in Lotte Lotte Home Shopping Home Shopping Brand can meet.


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