[PICS] Late Post: Daniel Henney Appointed Ambassador for PISAF 2014

Please forgive the tardiness of this post, Team Henney! News outlet pictures were taken from Sunshinemine’s blog.  Last month Daniel was appointed as the ambassador for the 16th Annual Puchon International Student Animation Festival (PISAF).  These pics are from the presscon on Sept. 25th.  Congratulations, Daniel!  You always make Team Henney proud!

Below is the Google Chrome translated article from PISAF 2014’s site:

Animation < The Big Hero 6>  Daniel Henney !

PISAF 2014 as the official ambassador comes in Bucheon !

( four ) Puchon International Student Animation Festival ( hereinafter PISAF2014) is a versatile actor Daniel Henney has gained great popularity with good looks and gentlemanly image (Daniel Henney) the’PISAF2014 official ambassador ” was selected as .

Disney Feature Animation Big Hero Daniel Henney is 06 and the first voice acting gotta cast in ‘ . ‘Winter Kingdom’ , ‘King Ralph fist’ of the new production team Big Hero 6 is a robot developed by a genius brothers Max and six bays The film was made ​​based on the original Marvel Comics superhero of the same name as the story is friends painted works


PISAF2014 “oriental rabbit and deer this year’s official poster Organizing Committee ( South Korea ) and Western ( Hungary ) in the East and West image that has been overcome, as Daniel Henney is the difference PISAF goes well with the subject “and” from Daniel Henney PISAF as to inform the public of the many actors have high expectations , ” he told the reason for selection .

Daniel Henney is My Name is Kim Sam Soon (2005), The Fugitive Plan. B (2010) and the drama like Mr.Robin Pickup (2006), My Father (2007), Spy (2013) characterized the delay as starring in films such as and, in the last 2012 years the first 13 times, Newport Beach Film Festival Award acting category received2009 film in years < X-Men Origins : Wolverine > has also been cast in advance to Hollywood .

Special relationship with Disney and PISAF organizing committee appointed ambassador coming to Daniel Henney and the official press conference 09 May 25 days ( Thu ) proceeds from the Cartoon Museum in Korea .

This year 16 of Asia’s largest film festival of animation time to greet PISAF2014 to start Ambassador Daniel Henney is selected , coming 10 month 22 days ( number ) from 26 days ( day ) of fruits and vegetables will be held in South Korea Bucheon Cartoon Museum one up .

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