[NEWS] Daniel Henney as Tadashi Hamada in Disney’s BIG HERO 6



Good morning, Team Henney!

Daniel made his cool announcement on twitter this morning!  If you missed it, Daniel’s the voice of Tadashi Hamada in Disney’s new animated film, BIG HERO 6, coming to US theaters November 7th!  Congratulations, Daniel!  Team Henney Hermosas couldn’t be more proud of you!



Below is the first glimpse of Tadashi (lower left corner) courtesy of @BigHero6Fans



And for your viewing pleasure…here’s the official US trailer!


In addition to clicking on the links Daniel provided in his tweets, you can also visit Disney’s official site or read the wiki for more info on the movie. We’ll be sharing more info as it comes out, Hermosas!  Stay tuned! ^_^

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