[EVENT] 2013 Official Daniel Henney Fan Meeting in Seoul


CONGRATULATIONS, Daniel and the entire The Spy: Undercover Operation cast & crew!  The movie topped Korean Box Office sales opening weekend!  

We just got more great news from Hermosa Korea:  Thirty lucky fans will get the chance to meet Daniel Henney in Seoul on Saturday, Sept. 14th after a screening of The Spy!  If you’re going to be in Seoul and would like a chance to meet Daniel, follow the instructions below:

Date: Sept. 14th, Saturday

Place: CGV Wangsimni Gold Class

Event: Hermosa members are going to watch Daniel’s movie “The Spy” together, after the movie, Daniel will join. He will be with us around 30 minutes then has to head up another schedule.

Time: not confirmed as yet but the movie will start (most likely) in between 10:30 am ~ 11:00 am

How to apply: Seats are limited, so only 30 members will get this chance.  First come, first serve basis.
Send your application to hermosakorea06@gmail.com  with subject line: [9/14 Event] Name XXX (your name)
We will collect emails starting at 10 am Sep 9th, Monday, Seoul Time.

Entry Fee (includes movie ticket): 40,000 won ($37USD) / Entry fee should be paid in advance (before the event day) and the payment due will be noticed later.

We hope to meet you there.
Thank you.

Hermosa Korea


Just a reminder:  The Spy (WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES) is coming to CGV Cinemas in Koreatown LA starting September 20th!  So, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, YOU CAN see Daniel Henney in The Spy!

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