[PICS] Daniel Henney and 1st Look

Another great pictorial from Daniel…this time with First Look (1st Look).  Which one is your favorite, Team Henney?

Here’s the rough translation (Google Chrome) of the interview/article from 1st Look’s website:

“In fact, when I do comedy, best easy. Because it grew up from childhood. Korea began to work in the role of a perfect image was a lot of smoke, and thought hard. Of course, when you prefer to comedy. I’m closer to my real personality. “

Daniel Henney returned. Thanksgiving on the eve of opening film “Spy> meantime, he even seemed to lack of recognition of the utmost sweet manners, dressed up suit presented. First introduced him in public MBC drama “My Name is Kim Sam Soon> Kim Seon in the” good-looking like being someplace at 8:00 said, “As for the aedeuribeu <spyware> to the Moon Sori their” artistic handsome “Daniel Henney drawn to the beauty of aedeuribeu Even now, eight years later, it is still. Hollywood’s a tough environment, there is confidence that the experience accumulated and added to the comfort. Burden for Korean, instead of a complete smoke and enjoy the pleasure of working that allows you to focus on the man’s time was still painstakingly piece of him. As the tear deeper you admire wonderful views of the statue are the Interview with Daniel Henney.

Meanwhile, the Korean is more, I think. 
‘s not. If the mangoes to the United States (he raise Golden Retriever) I’m talking about been taken into Korean. Mango the dog because you do not speak English, Korea’s talking about. (Laughs) “Mango, sit!” Meolttung meolttung know what I mean if you look at the “Mango, sit down!” Listen, you know. I think I’m comfortable saying something like that? Korean conversation in the past did not mean to inconvenience, an interview, or at official events that, when we talk about pressure to be perfect because I did not write often. But now that the easing can not be.

How did South Korea field a long time back? 
great. Korea drama and movies, you know when you feel like family. Can close quickly get to know the feeling. If you do not like that little one in the United States of. Just is going on.

Hollywood tied up to 1 minute and 1 seconds Cause. 
script alone in the trailer when you arrive in the morning practice and was waiting to take. Also take a lunch, taking the next day to go home and sleep do the same pattern repeats. It’s always that way. However, in South Korea’s like a real family. After one dinner, and drinking a lot of talk. If you are sleeping in the same hostel location shooting. I miss something like this. Hyeongne with two oral changseok and your family., Take vacations together because kids have to talk, you know. Gaza MT. Jjikeotgo movies in China, one in Hong Kong when the former model, and Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and other countries, but in the day of the shooting scene special. If you miss something like that in the United States.

How do you learn from those? Sol Kyung – gu, Moon Sori did with the best actors. 
oral form to be a mild and gentle man I seureounde. Besides hagoyo to delicate. I’ve been shooting as a gift after the tequila. I rewrote departure the next day. Returned after three months and again met, “Henney, when we shall drink tequila?” Doing. “Not yet up?” Haetdeoni “Well, we waited to drink” artwork? Was really appreciated. Of course, because I thought I’d already drank.

How did he and the Moon Sori? 
smoke while giving each reaction’ve received. Mr. clause to delay the sound to see what came out exclamation ‘I haeyagetda well’ are you thinking.Aedeuribeu too well I know the timing of comic acting. When the timing is really a joke that’s important if you need to. She’s really good at it. Foresight always lovely baby bump to those attending have a picture. I think it’s ideal for a young mother in Korea. Korea is a beautiful woman, and a sample of the ability or want?

I usually like to do comedy? So this <spyware> seems to have a more particular. 
fact, when I do comedy, best easy. Because it grew up from childhood. It was a family joke a lot. My father still come on. (Laughter) So, one in Korea, began to act as a perfect image was much smoke, and thought hard. Of course, when you prefer to comedy. I’m closer to my real personality.

Hugh Jackman, Arnold Schwarzenegger jenegeo with the iconic Hollywood movie star was taken. I just started working in Korea when someone you work with such actors did would you have believed?
would have that ridiculous (laughs) came to Korea <My Name is Kim Sam Soon> even before you wrote a list of goals to ‘s. I know the whole goal you want to achieve in five years. The first is to learn Korean, buy second home in the United States, and the third level, I think it’s fair to collect money, to appear in the fourth film in Korea, the fifth to appear in a Hollywood film. This was five kinds. Yirwot’ve already done but they’re amazing. Work hard, and believe in the power doeeoteoyo say the goal.

What is the plan for the next five years? 
Korea movie again, I want to do better. Did before <Mr. Robin Pickup> same thing when I think I can do better. <My Father> does not help. If God is then poured the emotions naetneunde now control more delicate and I think I can express. Five-year plan for the future of Korea film are you more.Hollywood works, but of course, I always think of Korea. Activities in Korea with the help of lay work. Korea, regardless of money and I wish I could be a good project.

In the days since the start of Hollywood stereotypes Asian man who was a little change in the character looks, bodily What is the atmosphere? 
still level yiralkka, doors, there’s something. Asian There are not a lot of actors for the role of the competition I’m. I am not a typical Asian male character is going to go see bonikka audition always have to compete with top actors. <Wolverine> zero if the agent was originally German, <The Last Stand> The role of the agent, the original Italian man. Efforts audition results, change happened to me. I’m Asian actors do better. Sounds like Mr. Lee.He’s really good to learn, to change the perception of Asian actors that I think. English too well and do good smoke. But such a case is extremely unusual. Small proportion of Asian actors cast to play a big role, but the stripping of difficult.

Do you see a lot in recent years to audition?
<spyware> Publish briefing session to go before coming to Korea, I saw the auditions continue. One was an independent film, the Steven Spielberg film was one.

You mean the famous Steven Spielberg?
four. Contact the agent suddenly you’ll see this come to the Steven Spielberg surprise. So I said, “Who are you? Steven Spielberg? Wait a minute, it did not get scripter? “So now they’re having an agent. 10-page, and tomorrow’s gonna just have to audition. You’re asking me the other day to meet itneunyago was told one word. “Spielberg’s” So the day before I met about six hours after exercise. Still, I’m newcomer nature. (Laughs)

What about LA life? Than Seoul’re free?
weather is good and fine. And the LA lifestyle, but I do not seem to fit well. Most of the people who’re supposed to be entertainment. Go outside bar and in the restaurant business and Hollywood is always to talk with such an atmosphere was a little strange. Feel free to go here and there, but still I miss Korea. Michigan led the grip hometown calm. Michigan is quiet enough to hear a little bug, and drinking a beer can fish’m relaxing. Oral hyeongdo you doing dork me to (laughs).

In recent years, domestic actors from the stage debut in global markets such as China and Hollywood to prepare in mind, first as a person to experience a variety of markets, provides advice what if? 
most important thing I need to study. By acting classes, as well as the language, understand the culture and systems required for study. I haebwatgo one in China, one in the United States, but the systems are all different. And I’m a lot to ask. South Korea is a culture without knowing the nature of the problem, even if I do not understand or do not speak well does. Do not be shy to ask questions if there’s anything immediately important. If you want to be a good actor I need to ask a lot of questions.

Gorgeous and splits his time between Hollywood and South Korea do not mind losing the show business in the first instance of that would be hard times, and still keep a good center of gravity is this? 
course. ‘m Like. Thanks to family, I think. It’s really simple clear why parents. Well even without change. I think it’s good. Be complicated and hectic my life back, but I’ll call my mom, “Mom, what are you doing right now?” The “or not just watch TV,” “Daddy?” “Dad sleeps” “What’s up?” “Yeah, it’s all good . Mango sleeping, and I’m building the evening. “Simple will always do. This way, if a problem for me, my parents have always had the answer. Stability in the presence of mind alone please. I love lucky.

In Korea, the fact that the age of the child is past thirty to talk to your parents to marry hageodeunyo often. Or when to eat or when to call Bob. Henney parents doing?
Maybe she will want to talk about I think (laughs), I do not know. I think it’s a unique case. My parents did not talk like that once. She is often this way. “Are you happy? Women? Are you seeing anyone? “”‘re Just dating, “” Really? Good luck ~ “here. Very carefully. If you’re not happy now, if I differ, but now I happy fighter.

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