[UPDATE] Important Changes to Hermosa Fan Club Membership for International Fans



Hello Team Henney!

We have an important update about Hermosa Fan Club Membership directly from Hermosa Korea regarding International Fans:

During the weekend, we had discussions between AE [Apple of the Eye] and Hermosa Korea leaders regarding Hermosa 7th Recruiting for International Fans, we have changed the terms of membership registration.

Earlier, we had 2 types of membership; Paid and non-paid members and now we have reached our agreement that THERE WILL BE NO PAID MEMBERS FOR INTERNATIONAL FANS. International fans can only apply for non-paid [membership].

When AE arranges such official events like fan meetings and or so, International fans who want to join those events can apply in advance as it will be noticed how and when etc and there will be a certain amount of entry fee.

So, there you have it, Team Henney USA…full membership to Daniel’s Official Fan Club, Hermosa, is only open to Hermosa Korea fans. International fans will only have access to Regular (non-paid) membership, be notified of any events in the future (i.e. fan meeting in Seoul) and how to apply for event attendance, along with entry fee amount.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this current update, if any. You’re still welcome to join Hermosa and support Daniel as much as possible by filling out the membership application here. The registration period ends September 20th, Korean time. We hope you’ll still consider joining ^_^! Have a blessed week ahead, Team Henney!

P.S. If you’ve already filled out the membership application form, there’s no need to fill it out again; your membership will automatically be Regular.

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