[PIC] Production Still of Daniel Henney as Ryan in “The Spy: Undercover Operation”


Happy Tuesday, Hermosas!

Oh my goodness! *swoon*  What would you do if you saw Daniel Henney sitting, thinking and staring like that?  *faint*  Thanks to Hianty from Hermosa Indonesia for finding and sharing this great picture!

We’re getting super excited for the upcoming release of The Spy: Undercover Operation, directed by Lee Seung-jun and starring Seul Kyung-gu and Moon So-ri as the leads.  Daniel has a supporting role as Ryan, the terrorist.  The Spy is set to premiere in 30 cities throughout Korea early September.   Check out the links/vids below for The Spy’s teaser trailers.

Daniel’s USA fans aren’t left completely out of the loop.  If you’re in the Los Angeles area, The Spy will screen at CGV Cinemas in Koreatown starting Sept. 20th.  Please stay tuned as we’re trying to coordinate a Team Henney screening meetup so the movie can be enjoyed as a group! 🙂


Enjoy!  ^_^

One response to “[PIC] Production Still of Daniel Henney as Ryan in “The Spy: Undercover Operation”

  1. Hola de nuevo,lamentablemente no vivo por los alrededores de Los Angeles sino mas lejos,en realidad voy a esperar con impaciencia (The Spy) que llegue a mi hermoso país,Argentina,no queda otra cosa ,de todos modos y como siempre va para cada uno de ustedes mi respeto y admiración y para el tan afamado actor (Daniel Henney) un caluroso saludo y el deseo que cada uno de sus trabajos logren el éxito que tan merecido tiene.Besos a todos y el placer de estar siempre en contacto.Laura

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