[VIDEO] Daniel Henney Thanks His Fans for Helping Reach 100K on Twitter


Happy Friday, Hermosas!

How has your week been?  We hope it was a wonderful one!  Just in case you missed it, Team Henney, we wanted to share Daniel’s latest Thank You video to his fans from his trailer in New Orleans.


Daniel also shared a promo poster for One Night Surprise, where he plays Bill – one of the suitors/potential father of the baby in the movie.  One Night Surprise looks funny and entertaining and hits theaters in China on August 9, 2013!  View ONS trailer.

Eva Jin is a great director.  If you’d like to see one of her other movies, Sophie’s Revenge, is available for Instant Play on Netflix.  It’s a really funny misadventure in the exploits of love.  It also happens to star Fan Bingbing as Joanna (the vixen), while Zhang Ziyi (Memoirs of a Geisha and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) plays the heartbroken & vengeful Sophie!  It was so wonderful to see Zhang Ziyi in a comedy!  She’s an amazing actress – we can understand why Daniel would love to work with her again, too! (Hopefully he won’t end up in the pool next time…LOL)  Enjoy your weekend, Hermosas!  You’re the best!


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