[NEWS] Mission Accomplished: Daniel Henney Reaches 100K on Twitter!



Thank you to all the Hermosas/Team Henney fans who pushed until he reached this milestone we’ve been chasing.  We’d especially like to thank Jenn (@ProudEchelon), Cita (@Mamiti1) and Elly (@smeLLyphant37) for their ardent support of the #DH100K campaign!  You ladies are amazing!

@KOREATOWN deserves HUGE THANKS for their support – Those last tweets on Team Henney’s behalf really helped get Daniel to 100K! It’s just another reason why Koreatown LA will always have pieces of my heart – my love for my other hood runs deep!

Dee (@dh_online) and Hianty (@hiantymulyadi) also deserve thanks for consistently reaching out to individual fans and encouraging them to follow Daniel’s official twitter account!  You ladies are also amazing!

It was a lot of fun counting down until Daniel reached 100K the FIRST time.  Team Henney Hermosas from ALL over the world united by a common goal for Daniel Henney!  Here are a few pictures of screenshots for when 100K was reached…THANKS AGAIN, TEAM HENNEY!  YOU ALL ROCK!  Now we just wait for Daniel’s “Thank You” video 🙂

2 responses to “[NEWS] Mission Accomplished: Daniel Henney Reaches 100K on Twitter!

  1. Felicitaciones para Daniel, al hermoso y competente equipo que lo ayuda a crecer todos los días un poco mas,un cariño muy grande para todos y para el actor que sigan los exiitos,desde una provincia en el noreste de la República Argentina,lo sigo con mucha admiracion saludos.Laura

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