[UPDATE] More Info About A&E’s New Pilot “Occult” Co-starring Daniel Henney



Happy Saturday, Hermosas…

As promised, we wanted to share more info on the new A&E pilot that Daniel is currently filming in NOLA- New Orleans.  All this great info was found by our awesome admin, Dee.  Thank you so much, Dee! ♥

First, please check out this great blog post from Word From The R.O.K.




Here’s the link to the complete article written by Dave Walker from NOLA.com.  Below are excerpts from the article that pertain to “Occult” in particular.

“Occult,” which is being produced by Michael Bay (“Armageddon,” “Pearl Harbor” and the “Transformers” franchise), is a serializeddrama built around an FBI agent who oversees an occult-crime task force. Josh Lucas (“The Firm”) and Lynn Collins (“True Blood”) will costar.

“There is sort of an obvious connection to ‘The X-Files’ because we’re using FBI agents, but there’s a twist to that,” Wong said. “We’re very much interested in telling the stories of not only the cases themselves, but of the people involved. It’s sort of an all-encompassing story instead of a serialized version of ‘The X-Files,’ I guess.”

The concept was originally set in Mexico, Wong added.

“I didn’t want to do a show that was in Mexico or on the border, because I think there are other political issues with that that weren’t part of my reasons to do the show,” he said. “The show is set in New Orleans because A&E really loved the idea of the city as a character in the show itself, so we are definitely showcasing the city. We really felt that New Orleans’ background … will give us the tonality we want for the show.”

Wong said he’s been fascinated by New Orleans as a setting since he came here to research a feature film several years ago.”

“That particular script didn’t get made, but sort of started my career in television, because it was well-received,” he said. “So I’ve always had this love affair with New Orleans.

“We want to showcase New Orleans without showing all the touristy side. So, for instance, we’ve avoided Bourbon Street, and we’ve avoided the French Quarter (in scouting locations). We’re shooting the Bywater and we’re shooting Nine Mile Point. There are all these places that really represent what we want the show to be about, and still give the flavor of what the area’s like. I’m really happy with the locations we’ve found.”

So, there you have it, Hermosas…a little bit more insight and information on the new show Occult.  Who else is excited and can hardly wait until it airs?

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