[NEWS] Daniel Henney Joined the Cast of A&E’s New Pilot “Occult”


Happy Wednesday, Hermosas!

Thank you to Edie and Lexa for sharing the link to the above article on Deadline.com with the Hermosa communities! Team Henney fans are the best! You really TRULY are! ♥

We’ve got some exciting news, Hermosas! Daniel has joined the cast of A&E’s new pilot Occult. Occult is a drama that is described as being in the same vein of X-Files and Fringe. Michael Bay (Transformers) [yes, THE Michael Bay] is the executive producer of the show and veteran sci-fi genre writer, James Wong (X-Files/Millennium) is also on board. Sounds promising, yes?! Sci-fi drama fans are getting excited already!

Daniel will be playing the role of Special Agent Thompson. He recruits Dolan (Lucas), who was on administrative leave from dealing with his wife’s mysterious disappearance, back into the FBI agent ranks to help investigate the Governor’s daughter abduction case. The show will follow Dolan and Blair (Collins) as they investigate cases in the newly formed Occult division.

Daniel’s co-stars include Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama), Lynn Collins (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), Agnes Bruckner (Blood & Chocolate) and Brennan Brown (It Could Be Worse).

Daniel confirmed the news with his tweet this evening:

Daniel Henney (@danielhenney)
Excited about this one!

If you’d like to read more about Occult, here are some articles that were found on a quick search:

We will definitely keep you posted, Hermosas! In the meantime, please join us in congratulating Daniel on joining this pilot! We really hope it does well and gets picked up!

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