[TV] Catch Daniel Henney’s Return as Michael Noshimuri on Hawaii Five-0’s Season Ender May 20th!



Hello Hermosas…Hope you had a great weekend!

What’s with the surprised cat wearing a party hat, you ask?  So, a funny thing…I kinda forgot HermosaUSA’s birthday (April 9) and was just as surprised as Dexter (the cat wearing the hat) when WordPress notified me Hermosa USA turned two years old…hahaha!  And what better way to celebrate than with more Daniel Henney news?  Much better than cake & ice cream, I say! .^_~.



Daniel Henney, Jeff Cadiente, Larry Teng

Recently, we shared pics from the set of Hawaii Five-0 featuring our favorite guy, Daniel Henney, that were released from Jeff Cadiente’s (H50 stunt coordinator & Director) & Daniel Dae Kim’s (Chin Ho) twitter accounts leaving Team Henney fans excited about Michael Noshimuri’s anticipated return!




Daniel & Daniel. All smiles now, but in the episode Chin & Danno (Scott Caan) pay Michael a visit at the gym…

Now, thanks to SpoilerTV (and Rhea for sharing), we know that Daniel will be on the season ender scheduled* to air on Monday, May 20th in the US.   Be sure to check your local listings for show air time! *Please note schedule can change or be preempted  without prior notice.


There you have it, Hermosas…Set your DVRs and make a date with Michael Noshimuri and the rest of the Hawaii Five-0 cast for a season finale that’s sure to deliver on Monday, May 20th!  In case you need a refresher…watch the teaser clip of Michael Noshimuri’s debut as shared by Book ’em Danno’s tumblr.  The photo below is purely gratuitous but highly appreciated, I’m sure… Have a good one, Hermosas!

Photo source: unknown (found by Jenn)

Photo source: unknown (found by Jenn)

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