[PICS] Daniel Henney on the set of Hawaii Five-0

Happy Friday, Hermosas!

WARNING: The following pics may cause heart palpitations, induce knee buckling or fainting, and elicit uncontrollable fangirl screaming…You’ve been warned, Hermosas ^_~.

First, HUGE mahalos to Edie (@chandelier16) for the head’s up on Twitter! Hawaii Five-0 fans are the best!

Now on to the “good stuff”…First pic up is from Daniel Dae Kim‘s (Chin Ho) tweet:

@danieldaekim: Hangin with Mr. Henney. @danielhenney, that is. #H50 http://t.co/igxDjAUGSE


Next pic is from Jeff Cadiente’s tweet:

@airjef: Today’s office view. A lil MMA action with @larryteng and @danielhenney U guys rock! http://t.co/QMrxKu39aD


Thank you, Edie, Daniel Dae Kim, Jeff, Larry, the ENTIRE Hawaii Five-0 Team, and CBS for all of this! Team Henney is extremely happy & excited to Michael Noshimuri on-screen again!

2 responses to “[PICS] Daniel Henney on the set of Hawaii Five-0

  1. Wow, good to see Daniel back on the set of Hawaii Five-O~wonderful Daniel; wish they’d make you a regular..ha:)) Good luck and again, good to see you back~:))

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