[EVENTS] Two Premiere Events for SHANGHAI CALLING (starring Daniel Henney & Eliza Coupe)


Happy Wednesday, Hermosas!

Shanghai Calling just shared a photo and some links for TWO Shanghai Calling Premiere events:

Writer/Director Daniel Hsia and Producer Janet Yang will be at both events!


Also wanted to share this great pic of Daniel, Zhu Zhu & Cheng Zhengfei that Hermosa China | Official posted.  I’m guessing Zhu Zhu shared this pic on her weibo?  But thanks to everyone for sharing! 🙂


6 responses to “[EVENTS] Two Premiere Events for SHANGHAI CALLING (starring Daniel Henney & Eliza Coupe)

  1. Looks like a challenging role for you Daniel..ha~from detective to romance and some comedy too…wow, Shanghai Calling has it all and no doubt you fulfilled the role perfectly, I’m sure. Can’t wait to watch it~thanks for sharing as always~smile and be happy:))

  2. hermosausaadmin

    Nanlani…Daniel does a FANTASTIC job in this movie! The writing is superb, cinematography is beautiful, Daniel’s comedic timing is spot on…it’s a fabulous movie! I’ve seen it four times at various film festivals in California and have loved it EVERY time! Even my mom (who’s in her 70s) LOVED the movie so much that back in November (San Diego Asian Film Festival) she & my aunt were talking it up to TOTAL strangers in a restaurant, telling them that they need to go see this movie!

    If you can’t make it to one of the theaters, I really highly suggest one of the On Demand ways to watch (iTunes, VOD, etc.). You’ll love the movie! ♥ Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

    ~Mar ^_^

    • Thanks for your comment~I do want to see this movie and will check it out in my location; see when and if it will show here in Hawaii~otherwise, I will take up on your recommendation watching via i-tunes etc.. The previews that I’ve watched confirms Daniel’s talent~that he could play any role well:)) Have a wonderful day and thanks again…

      • hermosausaadmin

        You’re welcome! The movie did screen at the Hawaiian International Film Festival back in October 2012. If fans can’t make it to the select theaters in San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York City next month, Shanghai Calling will be available on iTunes on February 12th. We’ll post a reminder for everyone to check it out…Enjoy the rest of your evening! 🙂

  3. Unfortunately, I missed it because I listened to my friends who had a bad experience when they attended one of these Film Festivals for another actor. Should have followed my instinct and gone by lonely self..:)) didn’t realize film was going to be screened…hmmm, learn the hard way, I guess. Thanks for your share~happy day to you~:))

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