Thank you for coordinating everything, Rhea (Hermosa International)!

Hermosa International

[Charity] Compassion International Donation made on behalf of Hermosa International


This past April of 2012 Hermosa USA, Daniel Henney Connection (DHC-Hermosa International) and Daniel Henney Online collaborated on putting a book together compiled of fan letters and photos around the world and showing a timeline of Daniel Henney’s work in the past show casing movies, magazines and projects. And one of the things that stood out most for us was his trip to Kenya. We decided to sell the book online for a short amount of time in April and decided that the profit of the book sale will be donated to Daniel’s charity of choice. Compassion.


Please see the profit that was made during the book sale shown below – I have also decided to donate on behalf of Hermosa International and another donation from our sister at Hermosa USA. Our total donation on behalf of Hermosa is $250.00

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