Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all participants!

Hermosa International

[Winners] Daniel Henney Music Video Contest Winners


We have winners! 

Congrats to all the contestants who participated in the DH MV Contest. You all have such great talent and expressions in your videos. The good news is you are all winners.

3 top voted videos will be receiving a Daniel Henney Autographed Men’s Uno magazine.

ALL participants will be getting a little something from Hermosa International!

Please allow 2-4 weeks for your prizes to arrive. Especially due to the holiday season and international shipping. Thank you again to everyone and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

NOW THE TOP 3 VOTED VIDEOS – Contestant #1, #6 and #5


Contestant #1 – Jennita Sorai @zane_nee

Contestant #6 – Swati Mahara Rawat @swatimraw

Contestant #5 – Abi Elizabeth Vasquez @abieliza


Please email :

Subject: DH MV CONTEST (Enter your contestant #)

Full Name & Mailing address

Please allow 2-4 weeks due to…

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