[TWITTER] Daniel Henney’s Tweet About “Call Me Henney”

Hello Hermosas!

Daniel just tweeted & retweeted about Team Henney’s birthday gift to him! Check it out!  Best part:  “Preparing a thank u video!”  YAY!  ^_^



Call Me Henney

Call Me Henney on Vimeo (If you’re trying to view from a mobile device)

2 responses to “[TWITTER] Daniel Henney’s Tweet About “Call Me Henney”

  1. Howdya know that I wasn’t able to view it on my mobile device?! Mind reader are we?!? Thanks mars bars! beautiful work on the video deeeeee! So amazing having all those international fans participating. Take care cupcake.

    • Hahaha! OMGosh, Hanh! I’ve missed you! LOL…I know from firsthand experience. All social networking is blocked here at work because it’s a middle school, so staff must rely on their mobile phones. I needed to show the video to my co-worker and new Team Henney member, Vero (Veronica). So thank goodness Dee uploaded the vid to Vimeo so mobile viewers could see it too! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Keep warm and dry…it’s gonna be a wet & rainy weekend in Sac (and here in the East Bay too)! Take care…sending hugs & love! ♥ ~Mar ^_~.

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