ALOHA, Hermosas!  Shanghai Calling is also heading over to the islands this October for the 32nd Hawaii International Film Festival!

Two showings: Oct. 12th & Oct. 15th (coming).  For pre-sale tickets, simply join HIFF.  Be sure to get your tickets before they sell out! [Please note tickets will be available soon.  Keep checking HIFF’s website!]

Our Team Hawaii Girls are awesome!  RheaLyn from Hermosa International will be there to join the Team Henney Hawaii girls, so if you’re planning a vacation why not stop by the Hawaii International Film Festival to see the movie and meet more Team Henney fans!

6 responses to “[FILM FEST NEWS] SHANGHAI CALLING showing at HAWAII INTERNATIONAL Film Festival Oct. 12 & Oct. 15

  1. OMG!!! What’s doing my poll here?? It’s a huge honour!!!
    Thanks for promoting my blog, I have no words to thank you Gaby! ^^

    And now I’m very embarrased… I wrote wrong the last name! Hahaha! Sorry Daniel, I was in a hurry! n_nU

    Thank you girls! Just now, Daniel is the winner with 15 votes!!! You have 3 days more to vote! Enjoy! ^^

    PS: If you want, you can vote for another “Chulazo” (Hot Guy) ^^

    • Hi Tenmachan,

      I’m so glad Gaby shared the link – it’s quite a list to choose from, but Daniel was definitely one of my votes! Jejeje! By the way, you have a GREAT blog! No entiendo todos, pero me encanta el variada de las doramas! ¡Buen trabajo!

      Please check back soon because we’re launching Hermosa Latin America & Spain in October! So excited to add another Hermosa community to the ranks!

      Tengas un buen fin de semana,

      Marianne (Mar ^_~.)

      • Thank you so much Marianne!!!

        Sorry for be late in leave a reply, but I been so busy!!!

        Daniel wasn`t the winner this time, but he almost win! He achieve a 2nd place thanks to the Hermosas from this community! ^_^

        I’ll keep an eye for news! ^^

        Gracias, from Spain!

      • hermosausaadmin

        Wohoo! 2nd place! Thanks for the update! Have a blessed day ^_^

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