[TWITTER] Daniel Henney’s Official Twitter is now a VERIFIED account!

Howdy Hermosas,

Just had to share the great news!  Daniel’s official twitter account has just gotten verified!  We’ve never been so happy to see a little white checkmark in a blue background!  Remember…we’re still trying to get him to 100K followers, so let’s keep on spreading the #HenneyLove, Team Henney!  Keep doing those #FF’s on twitter.  Daniel has been ranked #1 on FollowFriday for  South Korea for several weeks!  That’s all help to you…so THANK YOU, Team Henney on Twitter!

Have a safe holiday weekend, everyone!

P.S.:  You might be wondering why it’s a big deal for Daniel to have his twitter account verified.  It’s so his fans know that those tweets are coming either directly from Daniel himself or Team D.  All other “Daniel Henney” accounts using his image & likeness as their avatar are not the real Daniel Henney (impostors).  The little checkmark is simply assurance to fans that the account is official and verified.

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