Ay! Perdóname! Me olvidé de compartir esto con ustedes…

Hermosa International

I know how excited everyone is about our expansion to the Latin America Community. But before we launch our new community we will be recruiting a new Hermosa Leader and Co-Leader.

You admire Daniel Henney
You are able to reach out to other Daniel Henney Fans
You become an official Hermosa Member (Paid dues)
And you admire Daniel Henney

Primary responsibilities:‎
You will be creating and managing an Hermosa Latin America | Official Facebook, create an Hermosa Latin America Twitter account, (optional) Blog site or website for Hermosa Latin America

You will work closely with all the leaders in our member leader board room, share ideas for promotions, contests, events and Team Henney Meetings in your communities if applicable.
To apply write a short auto-biography about yourself and an essay answering the following the questions:

1. Why would you like to become an Hermosa leader and how would you…

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  1. Do you have to live in Latin America in order to apply?? I am Latina, fluent in Spanish and English, but live in the US. Is that okay? ♥

    • Hi Abi!

      Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for your interest in Hermosa Latin America & Spain! The leaders have been chosen already, but if you’d like to still be a contributor, please feel free to get in contact with Jessika (@jesofi on twitter) to let her know you’re available! Or, if you’d like to be a contributor for Hermosa USA, let me know. You’re certainly not restricted in any way! All of the Hermosas are run on teamwork and sharing. We’re happy to have you and welcome to Team Henney (a.k.a. Team Hermosa)! Have a blessed week ahead!


      Mar ^_^

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