[TEAM HENNEY MEETINGS] Photos from Hermosa Japan’s First Team Henney Meeting in Tokyo

Hermosa Japan

Hello Hermosas!

Hermosa Japan just hosted their first Team Henney meeting in Tokyo on Monday, August 13, 2012 and had a great turnout!  They have graciously allowed us to share the pics with you all…Thank you, Hermosa Japan!  Please enjoy…

Counterclockwise from bottom left: Coco End, Takayuki Tsukada, Kumiko Tsukada, Erio Tsukada, Ayako Sakai, Marika Sorimachi, Tomomi Yoshino

L to R: Takayuki Tsukada, Erio Tsukada, Kumiko Tsukada | We love the original t-shirts they made, don’t you? They look great!

Ayako, Coco, Tomomi, Marika and the Tsukada Family | So excited to see their “Call Me Henney” video clips when the final video is presented! Love the signs ♥


We love seeing and hearing about Daniel Henney fans from all over the world get together and having fun Team Henney meetings!  It’s so much fun that the ladies in the Los Angeles area get together every month!  Our sister, Jennifer, from AZ & myself (from NorCal) join meetings when we can.

Here are the shirts we designed for the 100K in 100 days Twitter Campaign and wore to our first Team Henney Meeting in February 2012.

Our Hermosa Thailand & Hermosa Indonesia leaders also get together on a regular basis too!  We love seeing the pics they share of the food and their beautiful faces on twitter.

If you have Team Henney meetings with your friends, please share your pictures and stories with us!  We’d love to hear from you and see what other Daniel Henney fans do to share the Henney Love!

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