[UPDATE] Hermosa Korea’s Meal Box Event / Visiting Daniel Henney on the set of “The Negotiator”




Howdy Hermosas!

If you haven’t seen it yet, we wanted to share this photo album from Hermosa Korea’s Facebook page.

Daniel with Hermosa at movie set of “The Negotiator”

It contains pics from the recent Meal Box Event, when a team of four lovely Hermosa Korea members drove four hours to deliver this food to some hungry crew members!

Daniel was kind enough to acknowledge them on twitter:

Want to thank my AMAZING Hermosa family for pitching in and delivering food to some hungry crew members this week!!!!! Ur the best!!

Hermosa 여러분 촬영장에 와주셔서 감사하고 정성스레 준비해주신 음식도 너무 고마웠어요!! 덕분에 촬영도 잘 했어요^^

특별히…한지희, 이정미, 유문옥, 신순아님..직접 와주셔서 고맙구요..4시간 운전해서오신 신순아님 정말..THANKS!!!!

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Thank you, Hermosa Korea, for putting this event together and to the team of members who delivered the meals on set!  We thank you for being our ambassadors at this event. ^_~.

Thanks again to everyone who generously donated to this event:

Ji-Hee Christina Hahn [Hermosa Fan Club President]

이정미 (Lee Jung Mi)  [Hermosa Fan Club Vice President]

권영남 (Kwon Young Nam)

유형선 (Yoo Hyung Sun)
최수연 (Choi Soo Yeon)
김완희 (Kim Wan Hee)
신순아 (Shin Soon A)
이상희 (Lee Sang Hee)
Asao Konomi

Dee (Daniel Henney Online)

Rhea Lyn Sico (DHC | Hermosa International)

Ayako Sakai (Hermosa Japan)


Mina Lee

Hermosa USA


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