[VIDEO LINK] Daniel Henney & Martin’s Dash Through Typhoon Haikui in Shanghai

Link to video of Daniel & Martin running thru the downpour to get to the restaurant across the street. | source: @danielhenney

From @danielhenney, Daniel’s official twitter account (8/11/12 1:35am):

While stuck in Shanghai… Thought we’d have a lil fun in Typhoon Haiku:)


The rain makes it really hard to hear the dialogue, so here’s the best attempt at a transcript:

Daniel: Hi Guys.  Annyeonghaseyo. This is Daniel. We’re in Shanghai. [It’s about 4 o’clock]? We couldn’t go out today because of the typhoon, gale force winds. [I’ve never been in a typhoon]? So…We’re trying to get to the restaurant, so Martin’s going to film. We’re going to show you what Shanghai is like right now. (Daniel opens door & jogs through the rain, Martin w/ an umbrella is right behind him filming.)

Martin: “You’re crazy.”

Daniel: “Where is it?”

Martin: “It’s right there. You’re crazy.”


Hahaha…Thanks Daniel & Martin for sharing the video!  Glad you made it safely to the restaurant and hope it was a satisfying meal.  🙂

So, what about you Hermosas?  Would you brave gale force winds & a torrential downpour to go to a restaurant or stay in and just order room service?  (Guess the restaurant didn’t deliver…LOL.  Just kidding!  Perhaps it was “cabin fever” that drove Daniel & Martin out into the typhoon.)   What’s the craziest weather you’ve faced to go out for food or escape “cabin fever”?  Comment below…


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