[DH Fan Fun/Project] “Calling” ALL Daniel Henney Fans Worldwide…We Need YOU!

Hello Hermosas!

We’ve got a fun fan project planned for Daniel’s birthday this year (November)!  Check out the cute sample video (below pic) that some Team Henney ladies recorded at the June Team Henney meeting in Beverly Hills, inspired by the viral song from Carly Rae Jepsen “Call Me Maybe“.

Call Me Henney Sample Vid Screen Capture

Posted on DHC | Hermosa International’s FB page by Dee:

Here it is ladies! A sample vid of what we had in mind for Daniel’s birthday vid. Team Henney had to jump on the “Call Me Maybe” bandwagon. Enjoy our unscripted version of “Call Me Henney” with Rhea Lyn Sico Marika Sorimachi Huynh-Anh Nguyen and yours truly. This is only a sample vid. Our hope is to have all Team Henney get together with other fellow fans nearby and record a vid…gives you all time to bond and get to know each other, right! Please excuse the poor quality of the vid. For some reason, it didn’t upload as clear on Vimeo…will definitely work on that. If you’re interested, the your clip will not be due until October…so it gives you plenty of time to get creative and just have fun with it! Hope to see you all participate. ENJOY!



So, what do you think, Hermosas?  Are you in?  Are you inspired?  It’s a cute & catchy song, right?  [Ke$ha flashbacks *shudder*]

Get together with your local Daniel Henney fans to record a similar video or enlist the help of your friends and family!  Or you can star solo…it’s all up to you!  If you’re not keen on recording a video in public (haha YOLO), then send in a couple of pictures of you or your group posing with a signs containing the song lyrics, e.g. “Call Me [Henney]”, “This is crazy”, or “I missed you SO bad”.  The possibilities are endless, only limited by your imagination!

We know Team Henney Worldwide is extremely talented and creative.  Here’s a chance to show Daniel how much you love him and make the video EXTRA special BY BEING IN IT!

Deadline for submissions is October, so there’s still time.  Please email Dee to send in your submission.  Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about the project.  Have a glorious Henney Day!

5 responses to “[DH Fan Fun/Project] “Calling” ALL Daniel Henney Fans Worldwide…We Need YOU!

  1. The trailer fror Shanghai Calling is shared on my face book page. Will work on the birthday present with the help of friends too.

    • hermosausaadmin

      Oh YAY! Thanks for helping to spread the news about Shanghai Calling! We all look forward to your video and seeing it in the final product, as well! Keep spreading the “Henney Love” ♥ ^_^ ~Mar

  2. Brenda Rassalle

    Hi this vid you make for Henney is great;)I be inspired to do e vid to .greetz Bren

  3. Left mine in the Dropbox just like Mar said. 🙂 Cannot wait to see all the different photos and vids. I know you ladies will do something creative. ❤ ❤

    • Yay! Thank you so much for participating & submitting a vid, Abi! Our video editing expert, Dee, is so creative and always does such stellar work – can hardly wait to see the final vid too! ^_^ Have a great weekend!


      Mar ^_~.

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