[MAGAZINE] August 2012 Daniel Henney in Men’s Uno Hong Kong – Animal Heart

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Here’s a photo gallery & quick slideshow of Daniel’s latest magazine cover & spread in Men’s Uno – Aug 2012.  (Be sure to pop on over to Men’s Uno on Facebook & give their page a “Like”!)

Below the video is a rough translation of the interview from the magazine titled, “Animal Heart” in reference to Daniel’s recent work with PETA. (Shared from Hermosa International)

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Article on Daniel Henney from Men’s UNO HK August 2012 Issue.

Animal heart · Daniel Henney


When the actor is the maximum conditions for what? Charisma? Still acting? May be, but these traits are derived from the same thing, is empathy. If an actor can actually be substituted to be performed by roles, he is able to give life to this role; and if to heart than animals like the Korean actor Daniel Henney, perhaps more can the world from their point of view, enriching his life as an actor.

M:men’s uno
D:Daniel Henney

Animal vocalization

M: recently, you and animal-friendly organizations in Asia (PETA) shot a series of photos, will talk about this collaboration?

D: when when PETA contacted me, I am very excited about! I have been very much appreciate the efforts of this organization, they committed to protecting animal rights over the years, I hope to be able to work a way to help them. When you become public figures, must obtain a certain degree of influence if we do not have the influence to society what is actually harming themselves and others.

M: do you think animal rights now than does a significant improvement in the past?

D: I think over the past few years, people pay more attention to animal rights, as have organizations like PETA to promote this and use the value. This is undoubtedly is improving every day. But animal rights itself is a very complex issue, and cannot be expected to be able to let the situation changed completely overnight. Differences in cultural and living environment nor a single issue, so I think that in dealing with this issue is very sensitive and careful. However, as long as more public figures to come forward, more I can get in the United States a small farm grew up in the Midwest, where is basically like animals living together, will encounter different sized animals every day. I feel like they have been inextricably linked, and that all individuals are equal. See them in different parts of the world affected by injuries, I hope I can do something for them, but I do not know where to start. Then PETA contacted me, and I know that day is coming, and that moment hastily at the beginning wanted to know how much I can contribute for them, no matter what are the roles and work. Animals cannot fight for themselves, I want to their sound. More attention, so that more people really think about this issue, this is undoubtedly effective.

M: why did particularly like animal? I heard you visited each city would like to see the Zoo.

D: each trip to the Zoo to let me pull away from the madness of city life, makes me feel like when he returned to the children. I am not very clear about why did particularly like animal, I think there are quite a number of reasons. Most notably when I talk to animals together, I felt very peaceful. Like I said he grew up in the suburbs, by my side always appear different animal. I’ve raised a lot of kittens and puppies, there were a raccoon and a rabbit as their own pet. Even now come to Asia, I was not willing to California Golden Retriever dogs back at home. Sometimes I feel when you get along with animals, even closer than with humanity. They are always simple and good. They never cynical; is not different because you’re wealthy or poor vision to look at you, you will always be the same in the eyes of the animal you, their best friend. So I love them, I think they are the same.

Then film dreams
M: what is busy recently?

D: has just completed in April by South Korean director Ji Woon Kim directing Hollywood movies of the Last Stand, with anuo·shuhuaxinlijia and kelishi·weidejia (Forest Whitaker) cooperative; in the film will be in January next year to draw. Will also be invested in September its first China film. Filmed in China, feel very excited; hope that Chinese people will enjoy me!

M: first appeared in Hollywood films feel?

D: the realization that part of my dreams. Until this moment, I was hard to believe that they have completed this dream thing. I was very fortunate. In Korea after seven years of work, I got the opportunity to perform in Hollywood movies; during this period I have learned a lot of things, including film culture on both sides, although there is a big difference, but it is equally worthy of respect. Only makes me more like in the United States work reason, is because my family are on which side. In addition, there are opportunities to perform, where I will go.

M: after you acted in many roles in TV dramas and movies, which role do you like best? Future expectations of what drama plays and what kind of role? Do you wish to play with animals who film?

D: in Shanghai in the New Yorker (s h a n g h a I Calling) in the role of Sam Chao was one of my most satisfying roles. He was a lawyer from New York, because of the personnel changes were outside to work in Shanghai, where he was entirely new, regardless of cultures and languages are illiterate, nor are there any friends; but he still thinks he is the smartest person and do not listen to any advice. I am absolutely the same feelings: when I first came to Hong Kong, although am very lost, but also is proud that he could only rely on their own alone will solve the problem, haha.

Detailed interview with content refer to 113 during the August issue of Men’s UNO

TEXT > Mok / PHOTO > Olivia Tsang / STYLING > Shin JiHye (InTrend) / MAKE-UP > Lim MinYoung / HAIR-STYLING > TaeMin

動物心•Daniel Henney


uno/Cover 當演員的最大條件是甚麼?個人魅力?還是演技?或許都是,但這些特質其實都源自同一回事,就是同理心。如果一名演員能夠真正代入將要演出的角色,他就能賦予這個角色生命;而如果能夠像韓…


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