[Hermosa Fan Club] International Hermosa Fan Club Registration ends June 15

Hello Hermosas!

Just a really quick reminder that international registration for Daniel Henney’s Official Fan Club, Hermosa, ends this Friday, June 15th.

Please see the side bar for cost and how to remit the membership dues.  If you have PayPal, in addition to sending it thru DHC, you have the added option of sending the money directly to Ji-Hee Christina, the new Hermosa FC President, at christina.han79@gmail.com.  But remember to also email Bobae Jang w/ your name, address, phone number, including country code (for United States residents  it would be 011 + 1 + your area code + your phone number).  It might also help if you fwd the transaction ID to help cross-reference, if needed.

So here’s the rundown:

Cost: $50 ($30 membership + $20 S/H of souvenir gifts)

Payment:    Your choice of bank wire, MoneyGram or PayPal

After sending payment: be sure to email Bobae Jang your info.

We hope you’ll join Daniel’s Official Fan Club this year!  We also hope you’ll be able to meet him at the upcoming Film Festivals he’s attending (Shanghai – June, New York –  Stony Brook & 2012 AAIFF – July 21 & July 25, respectively).

2 responses to “[Hermosa Fan Club] International Hermosa Fan Club Registration ends June 15

  1. Hello! I’m so sorry that I missed the deadline but I would love to still join the fan club. Is there any chance I can still apply?


    • hermosausaadmin

      Hi Mina!

      Thanks for stopping by Hermosa USA! Hope your week is going well. We will ask our contact for the fan club and get back to you as soon as we can. Have a blessed evening!

      ~Mar ^_^

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