[News] International Daniel Henney Fans: Hermosa Fan Club Registration Period is OPEN!

Autographed pic courtesy of the wonderful Nidnoi! Thanks again, Nidnoi…WE love you, too! ^_^

Happy Friday, everyone!  I woke up to great news from BoBae Jang, the current Hermosa Fan Club President, this morning…International registration for Hermosa Fan Club is now open.  Here is her post in DHC:

Hello, Everyone!
I’m Bobae who is currently the president of Hermosa Korea.
I have NEWS.

Hermosa 6th will be recruited from now on in May.
So if you are interested, please read this post.lol

To be Hermosa 6th member, you need to send money 35,000 Won( Korean won)
There are two options.
If you attend a fan meeting in Korea, you just need to send 35,000 Won, but
if you can’t attend the fan meeting, you have to send money 35,000 + shipping fee to your country.

Alright, here is how to send money:)

Account number : 1002-144-440516

You can use Money gram or etc.
After sending money to Korea, please send me an email with your information like your name, address with zip code and phone number to doggybagbb@hotmail.com

One more thing, when you read this post, would you say about this to Daniel’s fans in over the world? Please let them know.

Okay, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.lol
Have a great day, beautiful!


For international fans, it’s much cheaper to send the money via MoneyGram.  The bank wire transfer fees are usually MORE than the registration fee, so it makes more sense to send the membership dues via MoneyGram.

The shipping fee is usually $20 to send your fan club items to you in the US.

Please note for those fans planning on attending a fan meeting in Seoul, there’s still no fan meeting date yet because it depends on Daniel’s work schedule.  If a date is announced, we’ll be sure to share the information with you!

Have a blessed Friday and an awesome weekend, everyone!  Take care! =)

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