[News] Daniel Henney Official Website Returning & Int’l Membership Coming Soon

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that Daniel’s official website (daniel-henney.com) is being re-built and will be coming back in the next few months, per AE/Hermosa.  Those veteran fans will remember the website and be happy for its return (I’m one of those fans who missed that website terribly), while newer fans will have something new to look forward to!  As soon as it launches, we’ll be certain to share it with all of you!  So excited to have the official website back!

In other news, official membership for International Hermosa Members will be announced soon.  They are currently running the Korean memberships and will notify us as soon as the International Membership Registration Period opens.  Once the International Membership Registration period opens, we will post links & instructions on how to join Daniel Henney’s OFFICIAL Fan Club Hermosa!

So stay tuned, Team Henney!  ^_^  Lots of great things are coming…

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