Happy Birthday, Mr. Phillip Henney!!!

Even though I’m SO far behind on posts (sorry, Daniel & fans – I promise I’ll catch up!), I wanted to make sure that we got this very special message out…


Source: Mr. & Mrs. Henney's twitter account (@philandchris)

May God continue to bless you!  Wishing you loads of fun, laughter, joy, good food, good times and more happy memories!  Enjoy your birthday weekend with loved ones.  ♥  Love ya, Mr. Henney!  Love you, too, Mrs. Henney & Murphy!      ♥ ^_^ ♥

Here are some virtual train cookies for the birthday guy!!! .^_~.

Source: Kandy Oh's Website (kandyoh.com)

2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Mr. Phillip Henney!!!

  1. Phillip and Christine Henney

    Mr Phillip Henney tells everyone a Big Thank You for all the Birthday Greetings. Pictures and Cakes. Much appreciated. Sure made My 65th Birthday much easier to take. We have some great Fans. Thanks Everyone.
    Phillip Henney

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