[Blog news] Happy Birthday, Hermosa USA!

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Good Monday morning, y’all!

Wow…I can hardly believe it’s been a year since we launched Hermosa USA!  It feels like we’ve been doing this forever, but it’s really only been a year.  We definitely had a bumpy beginning but with determination, hard work, dedication and tenacity we made it to our 1st year anniversary/birthday!

As the main admin for Hermosa USA, I’d like to take this time to thank a few people:

  • First and foremost: God…with Him, ANYTHING is possible. Thank you for your ever-present guidance & always answering my heartfelt prayers.
  • Lorena & Jessika for their help in translating posts in Spanish,  unwavering support & love and for being there from the very beginning.
  • Dee for always understanding, her unwavering love & support,  sharing her wealth of links and for being there from the very beginning.
  • Adelene for being my soul sister, my cheerleader, supporter, resident volunteer ass-kicker to all who upset me (I love ya, sis, and I’m so excited to FINALLY meet you this summer!)
  • Grace for being my BabySis, my other soul sister  ^-^ …also for being the gentle, loving, kind & supportive sister everyone wishes they had!
  • Jeannie, Shari, Roxanna, Khaley, Anna, Delia, Kim P., Jennifer: thanks for all your love & support!  Jenn: Thanks for always sharing great pics on Twitter! Love you sisters to pieces. ♥ 
  • Marika, Ayako, Tomomi, Hianty, Rieana, Starz, Nidnoi: Thank you for being so wonderful and always willing to share DH pics, links/articles with his fans worldwide! Love you sisters so much!
  • Minha, Henna Jean, Jamie (Eunsoo):  Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, help and support for Hermosa USA from the very beginning!  Love you wonderful AE ladies!
  • RheaLyn: Thank you for being an answered prayer and being the whirlwind that breathed new life into our efforts!  God is good always so I don’t know why I was surprised when He sent you.  I think it was the quickness in which the prayer was answered that floored me…LOL  .^_~.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Henney:  Thank you for being such a wonderful & supportive couple!  Your kindness and generosity of spirit is humbling and heartwarming!  The unconditional love & support you show Daniel is a treasure!  We all love you so much!
  • Daniel:  Thanks for being the wonderful, down to earth, humble person you are – beautiful inside & out.  We sincerely hope you like this website we’ve done in your honor.
  • Team Henney = ALL Daniel Henney fans worldwide: Thank you for visiting our site – you’re the main motivation for doing this blog!  We hope you find Hermosa USA helpful, entertaining & informative.  Your love & enthusiasm for Daniel fuels us to provide the latest news & links!
  • Koreatown / Koreatown LA / Visit Koreatown on Twitter:  This is a special shout out in thanks for your support of our 100Kin100Days campaign and for just being wonderful people, in general!  This is why there are so many pieces of my heart in Koreatown!  I love the place, but most of all I love the people!!!  Please follow them, Team Henney!

This journey has yielded innumerable blessings for which I am forever thankful!  I look forward to many more years with Hermosa USA, supporting Daniel and his projects.  Okay, enough of the sappy stuff…LET’S HAVE SOME CAKE!  😀 

 ~Mar (@MzMarianne)

14 responses to “[Blog news] Happy Birthday, Hermosa USA!

  1. Happy Birthday Hermosa USA! God Bless You through and through! from TeamHenneyFamAllOVerTheEarth! Timezone? naah.. that’s only numbers!
    For we are ONE. ^_^

    • hermosausaadmin

      Thank you, TJ Seven! You’re right…timezones are just a number! ^_^ ♥ Maraming salamat po for the love all the way from Kuwait! Wishing you a splendid evening, my dear! Hope to catch up w/ you on Twitter ~Mar ^_^ ♥

  2. Thank you Mar! I love you sister and Happy Birthday! and many more birthdays to come! We have been truly blessed in each other’s path and I love Daniel more for that! it’s all in God’s plan! I love you! and see you soon for the premieres and the first annual #TeamHenney Sleepover! woo hoo!

    • hermosausaadmin

      Thanks, sis! Super excited for ALL of May’s events…gonna be a busy busy month! Thank goodness I’ll have all of July to recover (I think, good God I HOPE!) Sorry for the delay in responding, you know all that’s been going on with me & my life lately…^_~. Love you, sister!

  3. Phillip and Christine Henney

    Hermosa USA.. Mz Marianne. First of all We, Mr. and Mrs. Henney are very humbled, proud, and impressed to be a persons mentioned in your “Thank You”. We we first came across this website about 6 months ago, Our first impression was. The person putting this creation must be an amazing person. Now there isn’t any “Must”. It is a “Definite”. We come here every day to see what is posted and what is tweeted and what is happening with Daniel.
    “Happy Birthday” to one of the best websites, of many, dedicated to our Son, Daniel. We LOVE him dearly, Unconditionally, and We Love You and all the Fans.. Continue toward your goals, and you will be rewarded. Truly
    Thank you for putting a smile on our face and Love in our hearts.
    Phillip, Christine, and Major Murphy, our Popular K-9

    • hermosausaadmin

      Hi Mr. & Mrs. Henney,

      Please forgive the delayed comment response but I hope you got my tweet “Thank You!” I was swamped last week with going to work at 6:30am, going to my parent’s house after work, then nightly prayers for an Uncle who passed away. Between all the travel time of picking up & dropping people off for the prayers, it was a miracle if Katey & I got home before midnight. So please forgive me for not replying sooner…

      Thank you for your kind words…they truly warmed my heart and mean more to me than you’ll ever know! Everything we do for Daniel is done out of pure love, admiration and support. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge us & I’m so happy to hear you check the site often! 🙂 And I hope Dan doesn’t mind sharing you because I love you & pray for you like my own family (even if we’ve never met) – you three have such a special place in my heart, alongside Dan. Hope you’re having a wonderful day or evening (depending on when you read this)! Take care always & love you always… ~Marianne

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Hermosa USA! I love you and all Hermosa sisters!!! And BIG thanks to our Daniel who has brought us together and share this wonderful friendship. See you soon in SF and LA!
    ♥ Nidnoi Alisa @ Bangkok

    • hermosausaadmin

      Thanks, sis! OMGosh…I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see you in a few weeks, Nidnoi! Can’t wait to give you a sister koala hug…LOL 😉 I can’t stop smiling thinking of all the fun, laughter and memories we’re going to have! You & Marika will have to help keep me awake on the drive back to SF after the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival! That is going to be an EPIC trip…hahahaha. Wooohooo!

      Love you & I’ll catch up with you on Twitter & FB. I left my phone at home today, so it’ll be a while before I can reply to tweets & FB. ♥ ~Mar

  5. Happy Happy Birthday!! Can’t believe that was just a year ago.. We had really good time in these 12 months.. Thanks for your sweet word. We’re always here for Daniel! Love you guys!!

    • hermosausaadmin

      Thanks so much, Ayako! Love you, too!!! I’m so glad I met you and the rest of the fans at the fan meeting last August! You all have become such a huge part of my life. I just thank God every day for Daniel, his parents and for this wonderful Team Henney family we have! Truly amazing! ♥ ~Mar

  6. Hianty Mulyadi ( Hermosa Indonesia )

    Happy Birthday !! Falling in love with your website on the first sight ! Thanks to always update news and everything about our Daniel.. You’re my favorite Website ever
    So proud to be a part of Hermosa..
    Love you all..

    • hermosausaadmin

      Hello, my dearest Hianty! Thank you so much for your love & support! I can hardly wait to celebrate Hermosa Indonesia’s One Year Birthday! I’m so happy that Daniel’s Indonesian fans can get the latest news in Bahasa, as well as English! Love you and am always praying for the opportunity to meet you and my wonderful nephew & niece in person….In the meantime, here are some Auntie Mar hugs to the kids ((((HUUUUUUUUGGGSS)))). Hugs & kisses to you, too, sweet sister! xoxoxox

  7. Happy Birthday!!! I want to convey my appreciation more than congratulation for your birthday. Thank you for kindness always!!
    Daniel is the only one for us….

    • hermosausaadmin

      Thank you, Tomomi! Yes, Daniel IS pretty special…isn’t he? ;D I’m so very happy we got the chance to meet in Seoul last year! Your kindness & sweetness are so touching! Can’t wait to see you again, my dearest Tomomi! ((HUGS))

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