[Link] Newport Beach Film Festival Tickets for Shanghai Calling

Hi everyone!  Great news!  Tickets just went on sale for the Newport Beach Film Festival.  Shanghai Calling will be premiered on the film festival’s closing night, May 3rd, 7:30pm at Lido Theatre.

If you’re in the area and can make it, be sure to purchase your tickets early and spread the word!  Bring family & friends.  It’s sure to be a great evening!  Also be sure to let us know so we can all meet up & support Daniel Henney and the movie together!

If for some reason the links do not work, copy + paste this into your browser: http://newportbeach.festivalgenius.com/2012/films/shanghaicalling_danielhsia_newportbeach2012#screenings

We hope to see you there!  We’ll be posting the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival info as soon as we get it…stay tuned. ^_~.

18 responses to “[Link] Newport Beach Film Festival Tickets for Shanghai Calling

  1. Ok…we got our tickets! A few of us crazy fans are coming from Hawaii! What is a fan gathering? We’re kinda new to all of this, but it sounds like fun! We are only flying into LA only for a day and flying back on Friday.
    Aloha, Kim
    P.S. What’s the dinner included with the film?

    • hermosausaadmin

      Hi Kimberly!!!

      ALOHA! OMGosh, I’m so excited to get to meet the Hawaii chapter of Team Henney at the WORLD PREMIERE of Shanghai Calling…woohoo! For the record: You’re NOT crazy – you’re dedicated! The other girls are gonna be so excited too! If you wouldn’t mind emailing me at HermosaUSA@gmail.com so we could coordinate, meet, sit together & maybe hit up one of the 24hr restaurants in Koreatown after the party so you’ll go back to Hawaii, tired, happy & full! ^_^

      ~Marianne (@MzMarianne on twitter)

  2. Aloha! #TeamHenney from the Islands! YES! this will be for the Newport Beach Premiere right? Could you tell him exactly how many of you? 🙂

    I love it!
    -RheaLyn @RheaLyn
    DH Connection

  3. LOL I mean *Me…or tell US how many are flying out from Hawaii..LOL sorry

  4. Kimberly Mabe

    Hello Mz Marianne & Rhea Lyn…So far 3 of us are coming from Hawaii!
    We are so excited to see Daniel’s film and help support him in any way that we can! Thank you for making us feel so welcomed! You ladies are doing a fabulous job BTW 🙂 We would love to meet you and the other girls! I will be sure to email you right after this! Thank you for sharing you love and aloha with us…I kinda feel like we’re getting to meet “long-lost family” Heehee!~
    Love, Kim
    P.S. Can we bring anything special from the Islands? Flower Leis maybe?
    Kona Coffee?

  5. hermosausaadmin

    Hi Kim!

    I know you can’t see me right now, but I’m bouncing up & down + clapping in my chair from the excitement of meeting you girls! 😀 ^_^ RheaLyn, Dee & myself LOVE meeting other Daniel Henney fans and to be able to share this special occasion with you ladies is going to be SO much fun! It’s funny you should mention it feeling like meeting “long-lost” family because that’s EXACTLY how it feels meeting Daniel’s fans in real life after interacting on Facebook & Twitter, both in Korea & stateside. We’ll definitely keep in touch! Oh, and you don’t need to bring anything but your beautiful selves to the premiere 😉 Can’t wait to meet y’all!

    ~Mar (Hermosa USA)
    Dee (Daniel Henney Online)
    RheaLyn (DH Connection)

  6. Yay! Daniel Henney’s fans unite!!! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (could be the noodles I just had) to read all the comments and warm welcome. I would love to hang out with y’all at the Newport film festival and dinner @ k-town would be a fantastic ending. Marianne, I will email you but for now it’s just me coming from sac-town. Can’t wait to meet you guys!!!!

    • hermosausaadmin

      Hello Hahn,

      I replied via email the other day and hope you’re well. I am just now getting the chance to catch up on comment responses for the blog. Have you had a chance to convince any of your other SacTown Daniel Henney fans/friends to join us for a memorable night in Newport Beach? LOL 😀 Can’t wait to meet you and hang out! Team Henney is going to be in force…NorCal reppin!

      I’m going to be setting up a public calendar soon so meeting places, times and directions will be in one centralized spot. I’ll shoot you and email…Take care and hope you’re having an awesome day! It’s beautiful out! ^_^ ♥, Mar

  7. Yay, other Daniel Henney unite. Cute blog. Any idea whether he’ll be at the premiere and party?

    • hermosausaadmin

      Hi superha!

      Thanks for your kind words! ^_^

      Yes, he confirmed via Twitter he’ll be at Newport Beach Film Festival on May 3rd. We’re all waiting to hear from him if he’ll be in attendance for the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival opening night at the Director’s Guild on May 10th (but the odds are ever in our favor, though – a little Hunger Games humor thrown in there…) ^_~.

      Will you be attending either premiere? We’d all love to meet you and try to sit together at the screening! Just drop me an email at hermosausa@gmail.com so we can coordinate meeting!

      Have a great day,

      Marianne ^_~.

      • Oh my goodness! I just saw your reply and it’s well past both events. I hope you went and had a good time. Thanks so much for your kind reply!

      • hermosausaadmin

        LOL…No worries, superha! I got your message in FB, too. It would’ve been awesome to meet up in Newport Beach and I do believe I remember seeing you because I loved your dress, especially the color (turquoise). Hope you had fun! Los Angeles was QUITE hectic…LOL! Take care & hope you have an awesome rest of the month! ♥ ~Mar ^_~.

      • Thanks so much! I’d love to see your pix of you and the rest of the gals if you’re willing to share on FB. I finally figured out how to track replies on blogs. Better late than never! 🙂

      • hermosausaadmin

        Yes! My pics & vids are STILL on my iPhone…LOL. If you’d like to see pics from both events, please visit the Facebook group DH Connections. The girls have posted their pics & albums there. I thought I’d have enough time to download, upload and post after each premiere but time has eluded me. Life, work, family, commitments and more work keep sucking up the hours in the day. >_< After this weekend's Team Henney event (First Annual Sleepover) I should have everything posted by the end of the month *fingers crossed* ^_^

      • A sleepover! How fun! Looking forward to your updates. DH Connections and Daniel Henney Connections didn’t turn up anything in my FB search. Not sure why I can’t pull up the group. By the way, I know exactly how you feel about life and all its details taking up your time! 🙂 Nina

      • hermosausaadmin

        My apologies…it’s DH Connection. No “s” on the end of Connection. There’s also a direct link if you go to the bottom of the any page and click on “DH Connection”. =) Have a great week, Nina! 😉

        ♥, Mar ^_~.

  8. Hello Marianne…
    We have one more coming from Hawaii….Yay! Could you let us know how many girls are coming? We have a little something we’re bringing with us and we don’t want to leave anyone out!
    Mahalo (“thank you”), Kim

    • hermosausaadmin

      Oh yeah…the more the merrier! 🙂 Wohoo! Team Henney Hawaii will be in the house! 😀 My last count there’ll be 16 in attendance at NB, so minus you four from Hawaii I’m counting 12. That’s so sweet of you ladies…Mahalo to you all, too!

      Can’t wait to see you next week (*fainting*)…OMGosh it’s so close already!

      ~Mar ♥

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