[DH Twitter] Daniel Henney’s Courtesy Reminder to TWEET him Q&A questions…

Daniel just tweeted a nice courtesy reminder to all fans:

Ok guys, just so you know, we’ll take questions for the Q&A until 12 midnight tonight (Korea Time). So, get your last ones in!

The time of this post: almost 2pm, Korea Time

Hurry & tweet your questions to @danielhenney!  ^_^

Good luck to everyone and thanks to Daniel for doing this after reaching 50,000 Twitter followers!


Missed the video where he talked about to the Q&A?  Here’s link below:

5 responses to “[DH Twitter] Daniel Henney’s Courtesy Reminder to TWEET him Q&A questions…

  1. Hi there – once again I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section and if you are already aware of this information. KBSDocumentary has uploaded the Road for Hope programmes on Youtube – Daniel’s segments (in 8 or 9 parts) can be found here:


    Kind regards

    • hermosausaadmin

      Thanks, Cyn! I’ll have to check the link out & hopefully post the links so fans can watch it. Have a wonderful Friday & weekend! All our best, Mar @Hermosa_USA

  2. Hi Marianne, I checked the above link yesterday and it did not work. The same thing happened to the 9 videos for Bae Soo Bin/Jin Goo – the videos were made private by the owners of the video. I am perplexed and rather upset about this but I guess we can do nothing about it. I do hope you managed to watch Daniel’s segment before the clips were made private. The other five programmes in the series are still available for watching on Youtube for now. Kind regards

    • hermosausaadmin

      Hi Cyn,

      Yeah, I couldn’t get it work either. My best guess is that it was all about copyright issue. I’m still trying to search for the DVD set of the series because I’d love to watch it in it’s entirety. Kim Sarang’s episode alone was moving & compelling.

      Thank you so very much for sharing and being wonderful, in general! Your generous spirit & helpfulness is one of the hallmarks inherent in Daniel’s fans from all around the world. Wishing a blessed & relaxing weekend to you & yours!

      ~Marianne ^_^ ♥

  3. Hi Marianne – the confusing thing is that it is actually KBSDocumentary who uploaded the videos. As mentioned, the earlier five programmes are still available for watching on Youtube (the last time I checked).

    It is a pleasure being able to share a little. I am just disappointed that more of Daniel’s fans (and in my case BSB’s fans) could not get to watch the thought-provoking documentary.

    Wishing you a happy weekend and wishing you good luck in getting the DVD!

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