[DH Fan Fun] Sneak Peek: Team Henney Track Jackets


How to tell if you’re TEAM HENNEY:

  1. You’re a fan of Daniel Henney- you love watching his movies, Korean Dramas, CF’s and can’t wait for his upcoming projects.
  2. You RT and share Daniel Henney news, vids or pics on Twitter & Facebook or other social media
  3. You share the Henney Love = reach out to others & share Daniel’s movies, KDramas, CF’s, pics, vids and turn them into Daniel Henney fans

If you said “Yup!” to ANY of those things…YOU’RE A PART OF TEAM HENNEY!  Glad to be in such great company!  ^_^

Stay tuned on how to WEAR & SHARE the #HenneyLove…Announcement will be made in the next few weeks!

*Disclaimer: NO PROFITS WILL BE MADE.  Purchase + S/H prices will be at cost.  Sizing guide chart will be provided later.  All sales will be final.

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