[DH Connection] Daniel Henney Twitter Fan Challenge: 100K in 100 Days

Daniel just reached 50,000 Twitter followers. ^_^  As his fans, we want to keep the momentum going, spreading the word & reaching out to more fans!  This is where your help comes in…DH Connection just posted this yesterday:

Hello all you Daniel Henney admirers!

As a test run a group of us decided to push Daniel’s twitter to 50,000 followers on Twitter. At the time we started his numbers were at 48,765 on a Friday afternoon PST. The Goal was to get him 50K by Monday afternoon PST. None the less we were able to get Mr. Henney 50K by Monday morning PST.

Now for the BIG Picture! We have challenged ourselves to 100K in 100 days.

With Daniel and his busy schedule (GO DANIEL!) we want to help keep his fan base on a rise! With his projects coming up: Papa now playing in Korea (FEB 1) , Shanghai Calling, Last Stand, MR. K (Korea) and maybe some DISNEY projects in the works…now is the best time to get the word out. We understand Daniel’s fan base is worldwide so of course we need your help. We all come from various ethnic backgrounds and I personally LOVE IT!

Spread some Henney Love (#henneylove) all over and Tweet and Retweet to follow Daniel Henney @danielhenney on twitter.

This push for 100K in 100 days starts February 1st and will end May 10th.

Also we will look forward to how Daniel will celebrate with us for reaching the 50K mark  🙂


[As of 10:31 PM, PST 2/01/2012 DH has 50,293 followers]

5 responses to “[DH Connection] Daniel Henney Twitter Fan Challenge: 100K in 100 Days

  1. Road for Hope – hi, I don’t know where else to post this. Not sure if this is already known – today (Sat 4 Feb) , KBS World broadcast the Kim Sarang segment of Road for Hope, so hopefully Daniel Henney’s segment will be aired in two weeks’ time on KBS World. Hope you folks can catch it. Warm regards from a fan of Bae Soo Bin (Jin Goo and he went to Congo and Rwanda for the Road series).

    • hermosausaadmin

      Hello, cynkdf! Thank you SO much for sharing this information! I’ll definitely try to catch Road For Hope this weekend and share it with the rest of Daniel’s fans. Would love to eventually own the dvd set of this documentary. Best wishes, warmest regards & a multitude of thanks to you and other Bae Soon Bin fans, cynkdf! Have a deliriously wonderful weekend! 🙂 ~Marianne (Hermosa USA admin)

  2. Hi Marianne – thanks for your prompt reply and good wishes to BSB fans 🙂 I just hope that the rest of the Road for Hope programmes are aired in the order originally shown on KBS 1 – ie Daniel’s documentary should hopefully air in two weeks’ time (and BSB/JG’s in three weeks’ time). The programme is called “Love Request” and in the US it’s aired on Friday nights. Fingers crossed as it’s proven so hard to get to watch the Road for Hope documentaries. Have a good weekend! Kind regards,

  3. hermosausaadmin

    Thanks again! I was able to watch the show and am crying from the heartache. I held it together until Anessa’s story…after that the tears came like a flood!

  4. Marianne, the Road programmes are both heartwarming and heartwrenching. I just saw a preview for Love Request for this week (Fri -USA; Sat Korea/Singapore – where I live :)) – Park Jin Hee will be featured. That ought to mean that Daniel’s programme will be aired next week, and BSB/JG’s segment the week after that 🙂 Kind regards

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