[Twitter] Daniel Henney 50K Followers

Wohoo!  Congratulations, Daniel!  You’ve reached 50,000 Twitter followers!!! Can’t wait to find out how we’re all going to celebrate!  ^_^

"Thanks for the luv" - Daniel


It’s been a longer than expected campaign, but we finally got Daniel to 50K+!  Thank you so much to everyone who helped spread the word, tweeted, retweeted, reached out to new fans/current fans/Daniel’s co-stars!  Keep spreading the #henneylove, everyone!

A very special shout out to the wonderful folks @Koreatown & @Koreatownla on twitter for retweeting & helping our efforts!  We you to bits & pieces!

Daniel’s certainly blessed with some of the most dedicated fans I’ve ever met; which is the perfect segue for the fan project put on by DH Connection!  Check out the links below…

Concept Cover for Through Our Eyes to Yours

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