[HanCinema Pics] More stills of Daniel Henney in PAPA 파파

Thank you to Dee for sharing the links!

The movie PAPA (파파) opens in Korea in about two weeks on February 2nd.  Han Cinema posted more stills of Daniel Henney.  So excited to see this movie but international fans will have to wait a bit…hopefully not long!  ^_^  Fans in Korea are super lucky!  It looks like a really cute and enjoyable movie!  But first, here’s our superstar, Daniel…

Such intense concentration…


Here’s a video of audience reactions to a Multicultural screening of Papa in Korea and a little bit more about the movie (when a subbed video is found, we’ll share the link):


Movie scene:  The dreaded social worker visit!  “Just pretend to love each other…”  LOL

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